Two campers killed after falling down waterfall

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Kearney's Falls at Goldsborough
Police suspect the couple attempted to climb the waterfall at a closed section of the track.  PIC: Marian Faa/ABC

Two young campers have died after apparently falling down a waterfall in far north Queensland.

The bodies found at the bottom of Kearney’s Falls at Goldsborough, some 50 kilometres south-west of Cairns, are thought to be those of Sherei Anderson, 32, and Simon Walker, 24, from Townsville.

Acting Detective Inspector Ed Kinbacher said it appeared the pair had slipped and fallen to their deaths.

“We believe this incident is a direct consequence of misadventure rather than any third party involvement,” he said. “It appears at the preliminary stages they have fallen making the unwise decision to climb the quite steep falls, which were in fact closed.”

Inspector Kinbacher said the two appeared to have climbed up a steep section of rock sloping at about 45 degrees or more.

“There are stages of it where it’s a direct three-metre cliff-type scenario, so it’s probable they have fallen and tumbled down a whole series of circumstances to come ultimately to where they were,” he said. “They had left the lower portion of the creek and climbed up higher and they had fallen into the vicinity of a small pool that was above the immediate lower levels of Kearney’s Falls.”

Kearney’s Falls is a popular attraction near the Goldsborough Valley campground in the Wooroonooran National Park, but the walking track had been temporarily closed for maintenance work.

“This is a dangerous environment and what we would do is just caution anybody, these waterfalls in north Queensland routinely claim lives,” said Inspector Kinbacher. “It is not uncommon and simply people do not appreciate the risks this granite rock represents when it is slippery and has moss on it … it is like ice and routinely we lose people.”

Police will prepare a report for the coroner.

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