Why there’s a million good reasons to go fishing today

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million dollar fish competition for grey nomads
Neil Hawkless with one of his sought after catches,  the iconic Barramundi.  Unfortunately, not a tagged one!

Grey nomad Neil Hawkless explains why he’s back in the Northern Territory with his rod and reel again this year … and why he’s chasing the elusive barramundi (or five of them) with even more determination than he usually does.

Hoooley Dooooley, Holy Macaroni, there’s $5,000,000 on offer in the top end to catch a Barra.  Albeit it has to be the right Barra, well actually one of five right Barras.

The idea drummed up by Top End Tourism and a number of Northern Territory sponsors, Million Dollar Fish is an important tourism campaign to generate increased visitation to the Northern Territory over the Wet Season and has so far seen more than 30,000 people register, half of which are from interstate.

The fishing competition being run in the spectacular NT is up and running for another year and this year, unlike the previous three years where there has only been one million dollar fish on offer to be caught,  there are five of the tasty suckers.

But wait, there’s more.

Also on offer are 100 $10,000 Barras and 20  purple charity fish tags which are worth $2,500 to the angler and $2,500 to a pre-approved charity.  Sharpen up dem hooks boys and girls … it’s time to chuck a line in.

The competition began on October 1 and runs until March 31 next year. It’s free to all anglers, but you do need to register before you hook up one of the ‘angler’s delights’.  If a million dollar fish is not caught within the competition timeframe, all five major prize fish will remain active post-competition until September 30, 2019, with the first to be caught earning the lucky angler responsible a cool million.

All prize barramundi have been tagged and released at multiple locations across the Top End.  It’s up to you to stay, play and fish to find them.  And what’s more, you don’t need to have a boat to be in the running to catch one.  Last year, eight of the 11 $10,000 fish caught last year were landed from the shore or a jetty.

So, what’s the drawback with all this fishing fun?  Well for the most part, the competition runs through the Top End’s Wet Season so – if your partner doesn’t like the intense humidity up there during the competition period – then you might have a small problem participating.

Maybe offer the other half something like half a million bucks if you win and a new van – that should do it!

More information on the competition is available at: www.milliondollarfish.com.au

  • Will you be wetting a line in the hope of landing the big one? Comment below.

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3 Responses to Why there’s a million good reasons to go fishing today

  1. Sounds like a great PR move by NT. Finally, someone has come up with something original to entice visitors and tourists to their area.

  2. Great for the local population unfortunately most of us Southerners get away from the Top-End at this time of year owing to wet season and potential for cyclones.but as any uncaught fish will still be claimable after March as it will run on until Sept 2019 I may be lucky.

  3. Catch some CROCS and you will find the tags !

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