‘Life-threatening’ floods sweep through van park

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Caravan park floods in the Gold Coast
Carnage … Caravans and cars were consumed by the flood. PIC: @rnwanderers

While the drought and bushfires are still causing untold heartache in many parts of the country, elsewhere heavy rainfall and flooding have been doing the same.

Massive rains in south-east Queensland over the weekend caused chaos for residents, as well as grey nomads and other travellers.

While many roads were closed, including the M1 to between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, the deluge also sparked what was described as ‘life-threatening’ flash flooding at one Gold Coast caravan park, where 400 guests were forced to flee to higher ground.

The ABC reports that fast-rising floodwaters at the Helensvale Big 4 Caravan Park consumed caravans and cars and were so strong they carried

Floods at Gold Coast caravan park

Dream holidays were turned into nightmares as the waters rose. PIC: @rnwanderers

away a minibus.

Tow trucks were called in to remove damaged vans.

Guest Jenny Cowman was camping with her grandchildren at the time, and said the family lost two cars and two camper trailers. They fear their damage bill will be around $100,000. Only the cars were insured.

“About 4am my son-in-law came screaming in ‘Jenny, Jenny! Wake up quick! We have to go!'” she told the ABC. “I thought I was having a dream … my daughter’s child was screaming and she saw there was water all through the camper.”

Ms Cowman said the children were traumatised.

“They could have drowned, they were only on little, thin air mattresses at the time, they could have rolled over,” she said. “It only takes a few minutes in water.”

Ms Cowman said it was their first family holiday with their camper trailers.

“We tried to stay as calm as possible but it just kept rising,” she told the ABC. “Apparently they have 24-hour security here and CCTV surveillance, but nothing … no-one came to warn us.”

No-one was injured during the flooding event, which happened during torrential rainfall and high tide on a nearby creek.

Some parts of the Gold Coast reportedly received a month’s worth of rain in just a few hours during the extreme weather event.

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One Response to ‘Life-threatening’ floods sweep through van park

  1. We have stayed there before .Was for 6 weeks. We demanded to be moved up the top. It was bad with mossies.We found out they put all the big vans down there and people with big or few dogs….Will never stay there again.So rude.

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