New plan to stop Freycinet from being ‘loved to death’

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Freycinet master plan
A new plan has been unveiled which aims to protect Freycinet's natural beauty.

Like so many of Australia’s stunning natural attractions, Tasmania’s magnificent Freycinet Peninsula is facing increasing challenges from the sheer volume of people who want to visit.

In a bid to protect the area’s pristine magic long into the future, the State Government has just unveiled its draft master plan outlining some innovative strategies to prevent it from being ‘loved to death’ over the next 20 years.

Visitors to the area have increased from 186,000 in 2011/12 to 301,000 in 2017/18. It is anticipated this could increase to as many as 330,000 visitors per year by 2022. Community groups have consistently raised issues about infrastructure and the impact tourists have had on the area, particularly at Coles Bay.

Front and centre of the new Freycinet Peninsula master plan is a visitor ‘gateway hub’ which will aim to take parking pressure off the Wineglass Bay trail head and ‘serve as an anchor point’ for a new transportation strategy for visitors. It will also allow travellers to get a wide range of information about the peninsula.

The new transport strategy will seek to move away from traditional road and car connections, by operating a new shuttle bus system from the visitor gateway hub. This will move people in and out of the national park, supported by a boat transport system. There will also be new shared-use trails to provide walking and cycling options. The Tasmanian Examiner newspaper reports that these transport connections will also be designed to be experiences in themselves, so that when integrated with experience nodes, journeys are created and stories revealed.

The plan says ‘experience nodes’ will be used to enhance the visitor experience and these would include two new nodes at Moulting Lagoon and Honeymoon Bay to help achieve the concept of a visitor journey through the Freycinet Peninsula.

Premier and Tourism Minister Will Hodgman says the draft Freycinet Peninsula master plan aims to ‘protect and manage the values that make the Freycinet Peninsula special for both visitors and locals’.

The draft master plan is available for public comment until July 23. It can be viewed here.

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