Motorhome cliffhanger has a happy(ish) ending!

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motorhome in Kiama lighthouse accidentl
The motorhome ended up in a very precarious position. PIC: Arvid Vanags / Facebook

Emergency crews helped rescue a dog after a Winnebago rolled down a hill and came to stop on rocks near the Kiama Lighthouse on the New South Wales south coast.

Police and Ambulance crews were called to Blow Hole Point Road early this morning and found the motorhome wedged on the rocks.

WSFM radio reports that a man, who was not inside the vehicle at the time, was treated by paramedics for minor injuries and shock at the scene. It is understood that the handbrake suddenly came loose.

The man’s pet dog was reportedly still inside the precariously positioned motorhome and rescue crews managed to release the dog before the SES retrieved the vehicle.

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3 Responses to Motorhome cliffhanger has a happy(ish) ending!

  1. I remember many years ago in outback Queensland my brother ran off the road and hit a tree, he had two dogs in the back of his utility, he managed to get the vehicle back on the road, but the dogs would not get back in the vehicle with him, true story.

  2. Hand brake suddenly came loose, it would appear that the vehicle is unroadworthy.

  3. If the hand brake came loose and it moved, it wasn’t in gear, or in park if an auto??

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