Caravanners left ‘shaken’ after fuel tanker collision

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Caravan and fuel tanker collide
The fuel tanker is towed after a collision with a caravan. PIC: Callum Dick / Daily Mercury

A caravanning couple had the scare of their lives when they were involved in a collision with a diesel tanker in Queensland.

Happily, no one was injured in yesterday’s crash, which happened at the intersection of Nebo Rd and Lagoon St in West Mackay.

Mackay Road Policing Unit acting Senior Sergeant Michael Thomson told the Daily Mercury that, while the crash was minor, everyone involved was unnerved by the experience.

“Everybody is a bit shaken up, but they’re feeling okay,” he said.

Sen-Sgt Thomson told the newspaper that the accident happened when the caravan driver attempted to merge on the busy road while travelling south.

“He states there was a garbage truck in front of him,” he said. “He went to move around the garbage truck without properly checking the lane beside him and has collided with the left-hand front side of a fuel tanker.”

Sen-Sgt Thomson said the double fuel tanker was loaded with diesel, but thankfully ‘there was no fuel leak’.

The fuel tanker had to be towed from the scene but the caravan did not appear to have suffered significant damage.

Fire crews, paramedics and police all attended the scene and the busy intersection had to be closed while the area was made safe.

Given the caravanners’ lucky escape, Sen-Sgt Thomson reminded all drivers to be cautious on the roads.

“Always take care. Always check your mirrors. Do you shoulder checks when changing lanes,” he said. “If you don’t know what on the road beside you, don’t make that change, slow down and stop.”

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5 Responses to Caravanners left ‘shaken’ after fuel tanker collision

  1. Must have been a bloody tough caravan to disable a truck!

    • A fuel truck cannot be driven after an accident until a safety inspection is carried out. These can cost a good deal with the cost of a tow truck included.

  2. If it was a very typical Queensland registered caravan towed by a Queenslander you could put your money on there NOT being any extendable mirrors on the tow vehicle. Drove trucks up there for a while and more than half of Queensland caravans don’t worry about whats behind or indeed whats beside them.

    It is a huge problem when to a truckie time means money, both wages and for correct rest breaks but most caravans travel at about 80kmh.

    • Bob, I have to agree. A lot of caravanners, even when the have the correct extendable mirrors, fail to use them.

    • This is a little unfair comment but I admit there are some who think their car mirrors are wide enough. On a recent trip from Toowoomba to Townsville, I saw one vehicle without extended mirrors & there were lots of vans on the roads, north & south. Lots of cars had Milenco mirrors, some had Clearviews.
      I believe most travelers take notice of the “Sticky” notes in this forum regarding dealing with trucks.

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