Geraldton RV parking plan given the green light

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free parking in Geraldton
Geraldton has nine free 24-hour parking bays for self-contained recreational vehicles. PIC: Geraldton Guardian

Geraldton has adopted a new strategy for self-contained recreational vehicles as it seeks to attract more grey nomads.

The City of Greater Geraldton Council decided to act as concern grew over the number of travellers passing by without stopping in the West Australian city.

The new strategy, developed as part of the City’s Travellers Support Policy, provides nine free 24-hour parking bays for self-contained recreational vehicles in the Francis Street car park.

Mayor Shane Van Styn hailed the success of the plan.

“The council policy has increased tourism, brought people in and put us on the map,” he told the Geraldton Guardian. “Many people often speak about driving past Geraldton, that they wouldn’t have stopped if we didn’t have these bays and facilities.”

Self-contained RVs are defined as motorised camping vehicles with internal sleeping accommodation and internal kitchen and dining facilities which carry their own internal water supply and have internal shower and toilet facilities.

During the first year of trialling the free parking bays, the Geraldton Guardian reports that the City encountered issues with poor behaviour from the users of non-self-contained camper vehicles. Rangers will patrol the free parking area and other public areas in an attempt to manage illegal camping.

The council says that future strategies – the next of which will be tabled later this month – will focus on the best way to accommodate other classes of RVs.

  • Have you used the new 24-hour parking bays? What do you think of the initiative? Comment below.



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17 Responses to Geraldton RV parking plan given the green light

  1. Having been to Geraldton twice before staying in a caravan park and toured the area so this time we chose to use the overnight stay because we had to be at the caravan repair place early in the morning. We also shopped at Woolworths and fuelled up at Woollies fuel too. Appreciated a place for overnight stay.

  2. We are travelling in Tasmania at the moment where there are free camp spots in most towns. These places are appreciated. We don’t need all the expensive frills of caravan parks. Western Australia needs to do more for tourists.

  3. We stayed there earlier this year because we a appointment with a caravan service yard early next morning. After getting the van fixed moved into a caravan park. Did shopping, eating out and brought fuel. Spent more than $2,000 in the town

  4. A fantastic facility and have stayed twice. A BIG thank you to the Council for this wonderful opportunity of staying in your town for free. For your information we spent over $8000 in the town (long range fuel tank and other modifications to car). We would have by-passed this town if it wasn’t for this facility.

  5. If you look closely at the pic shown you will see how tight the sites are and in most instances you have to park in position allowing adjacent vans to open their doors.
    As well when the 9 sites are filled up late arrivals park any where and do not suffer the issue I have outlined. There is no patrols or rangers to inforce the council requirements.
    As well the site is opposite the Port that works 24 hours and trains arrive regularly all night with the rail line adjacent to the area allocated for the RV Camp.
    Be assured Geraldton Council are doing nothing for the traveling public and if they were fair dinkum could provide sites down where the marina is that has a huge area allocated for parking.
    We fueled up and purchased our groceries at Woolies about $300-.

    • I totally agree with you, it should be at the marina, can not believe the council can allow RVs to be parked so close, they have not thought about safety for all that use this area, how does the fire department allow it ?? The liability if vans were destroyed would be very costly for the council, so many more areas Geraldton could use.

    • Apart from the free camping the council provides in Geraldton, it is in a beautiful spot. Yes a bit of noise, but it is next to a Port. Easy to pull up, fill your tanks before going north. Free dump point, which is excellent. Easy walk to lots of cafes, pubs, restaurants, Doctors etc. I can’t really think of anything to complain about if it’s free!

  6. Pulled into the Geraldton RV site in July this year but found that all the council had done was redesigned what looked like a boat trailer parking area for RVs. Main problem is that the 9 bays are not wide enough….you have to be careful when opening your RV door that you don’t hit the next RV. If your RV has a slideout then they are totally unusable. We moved on and did not stay in town (and did our shopping further down the coast where more suitable campsites were made available).

  7. Council does nothing for freeloaders: whinge moan complain.

    Council does something for freeloaders: whinge moan complain.

    When exactly did we turn from being self reliant people to become whingeing, cavetching, miserable sods?

    If we’re living the dream and travelling this amazing country (rather than working a 9-5 or worse) can we at least express some gratitude for the fortunate position we find ourselves in?

    • I totally agree with the sentiment

    • Sounds like somebody else is always whinging. They do have a valid point, what good is a parking area if you can’t even open your door. And quite true risk of fire is a real risk.

    • it seems to me people are just telling it how it is.

    • I guess we have to be patient with councils as any business the better they are the more RV’s will stay.Most Rv owners have a big investment in their in some cases there home.Our resent 10 week outing up though QLD found that caravan / cabin parks no vacancys are common thing a bit suprising.There is a small amout of people which may not have a lot of money to spend on travel and use what they have wisely it sometimes a mater of situation. Alan you only have one life make the most of it with what you have regards Garry

  8. It appears that there is room for improvements – however it is a start and good on the Council. There is a lot of money to be made from Travellers, just ask Port Hedland Council they have a roomy 48 hr (?) Stop near the Beach and Shops always full

  9. Geraldton 24 hour stop is wonderful. Laundromat near by and shopping, can even catch a movie. You wouldn’t get anything like this in the bunbury busselton area.

  10. If only other councils adopted Geraldton’s initiative. Regardless of the criticisms of others we found the proximity of the facility to the CBD superb.

  11. I agree with David at least its been recognized by a counsel and will be improved upon in time but unfortunately some are all to quick to knock the efforts

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