Huge spend to transform the Great Ocean Road

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Great Ocean Road
Popular spots along the Great Ocean Road should be easier to access.

It’s an absolutely stunning drive but the iconic Great Ocean Road does have its problems … particularly as its popularity continues to surge.

However, the Federal Government says the road will be transformed as it announced a $154 million spend in the area designed to boost tourism and jobs.

The funding injection will be a ‘game changer from Geelong all the way along the Coast’, according to Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

The Associated Press reports that the federal contribution to the Geelong City Deal includes $12 million to upgrade Apollo Bay Harbour and $10 million for a new ferry terminal at Queenscliff. The funding will also help construct a state-of-the-art convention and exhibition centre along the Geelong waterfront, while a new viewing deck and amphitheatre are also set to be created at the Twelve Apostles.

“When it comes to tourism in Australia it doesn’t get much more iconic than the Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Road,” the prime minister said. “Our significant investments in Geelong infrastructure will mean more jobs and a better quality of life for hard working families, giving local businesses a real boost.”

The Great Ocean Road attracts six million people every year, while more than two million visit the Twelve Apostles, one of Australia’s major attractions. Visitor numbers are expected to increase by up to 50% by 2025.

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5 Responses to Huge spend to transform the Great Ocean Road

  1. I hope they increase the size of some of the viewing areas – They are at present very small (too small if towing a van). Even the parking at the main kiosk is not designed to handle the current visitor numbers.

  2. We did the GORd before the new centre was opened near the 12 Apostles. Then we stopped again after the revamp, never again. Too far to walk between sites to see. No very good for anybody who has walking issues. We didn’t stop at any other sites, just in case of further disappointment. Bring back closer car parks.

  3. Last year we camped at Appollo Bay/ or some small town before the start of the G.O Road. We decided to just take the cruiser along the GOR to how it was. Two days later we hooked up the Coromal and had no issues with the drive with the van.
    Beautiful scenery, and yes an upgrade on the road would be even better especially for us caravanners.

  4. There will be more attractions for more tourists to visit but not up grade of road or infrastructure to cater for extra traffic which will create even more congestionThis is especially worrying during bushfire season when there are so few alternate routes to leave the area

  5. On 28th April 2017 with our Toyota Land Cruiser we towed a 18 foot Royal Flair Tuff Off Roader caravan. Taking three days to enjoy some of the sights etc. Truthfully, the worst/most dangerous/narrow badly maintained roads that we came across in the whole 31,800ks that we ended up travelling round Australia. Potholes, bitumen falling away from the edges, yes there had been some rain, but considering the number of 50 odd seater Tourist Buses we encountered, we could not believe how the authorities had let the roads get into such a state. Greed ??

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