Have scissors, will travel … and make a lot of friends!

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Katherine grey nomads hairdressers
Mary and Caesar Rose travel with dog, Benji. PIC: Katherine Times

While most grey nomads who find work on the road are glad of a little extra ‘pocket money’, for some it’s as much about the social interaction as the cash.

Wandering hairdresser, Mary Rose, falls squarely into the ‘it’s a great way to meet people’ category of workers.

The Katherine Times caught up with the ‘have scissors, will travel’ nomad while she was stopped at the Northern Territory with her makeshift salon attached to her caravan.

She generally puts up a bright neon sign to let everyone know she’s in operation and typically gives a clip, groom and trim to about three travellers a day.

“It all started when I was cutting my husband’s hair one day outside our caravan and about three or four people walked past and asked if I could cut their hair,” Mary said. “Once I’ve cut one person’s hair in the caravan park, word usually gets around and by the end nearly everyone has had a cut.”

The former hairdresser from Melbourne travels with her husband, Caesar, and their dog, Benji and has found her skills with scissors had helped them all make friends.

“It is just a hobby, but it gives us a chance to interact as well,” Caesar told the Katherine Times.  “It is a great opportunity to swap stories with others.”

The Roses have spent nearly six weeks in Katherine but will soon be heading off towards Alice Springs.

“Travelling is rather expensive up here … fuel prices are higher than Melbourne by far,” Caesar told the Katherine Times. “It does affect us as we have to budget for what we spend … and we look for the cheaper options and sometimes we spend less money in the community to compensate.”

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  1. Do hope you plan on some time at Mataranka Thermal Springs. We will keep you busy for some time.

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