Look, no hands! Driverless RV is closer than you think

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Erwin Hymer Group and self-driving RV
Is this driverless RV the future of Big Lap travel? PIC: Erwin Hymer Group

For grey nomads who find long hours of Outback driving stressful and exhausting, or those who would simply prefer to look around at the scenery rather than the endless road ahead, help is at hand.

While there seems to be endless publicity about how cars will soon be self-driving, there seems to have been precious little ‘buzz’ about autonomous recreational vehicles … until now.

Germany’s Erwin Hymer Group has unveiled its Concept Galileo RV which looks ahead to the year 2030 … and it’s very exciting. The vehicle is all-electric so the lack of combustion engine bay, and the fact that a steering wheel and driver’s seat is no longer necessary, means a wide-open space is created.

Grey nomads and driverless motorhomes

The Concept Galileo includes a deployable deck. PIC: Erwin Hymer Group

As well as a kitchen, bunk beds, bathroom, convertible dining area, the cabin is loaded with smart technologies, including transparent information displays on the windows and a health-monitoring station.

In the unlikely event that the ever-changing Outback scenery beyond the large panoramic windows fails to hold the attention of grey nomads suddenly freed from driving duties, they can chill in cushy swivelling lounge chairs, or nap in a real bed, or watch TV or browse the internet.

Travelling has never been this easy.

Grey nomads and driverless RVs

The vehicle boasts a full wraparound kitchen, complete with digital shopping list display. PIC: Erwin Hymer Group

The Galileo’s intelligent onboard systems can apparently even assist in booking activities and rental equipment.

The idea is that by the time the Galileo, or something like it, goes into production, campgrounds will be equipped with electric vehicle charging. The vehicle has a large battery pack, as well as solar panels on the roof. Designers say a vehicle like the Galileo could operate solely via electricity, without the need for LPG bottles, fuel tanks or loud generators. The cooker, fridge, heater and air conditioner could also be run electrically.

Concept Galileo is currently just a vision, but it could well mark the beginning of a new era for the grey nomad lifestyle. If nothing else, it could help travellers who may be suffering from conditions that restrict their ability to drive to stay on the road many years longer.

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4 Responses to Look, no hands! Driverless RV is closer than you think

  1. Not a chance in hell, if I’m not steering the vehicle, I’m not going to rely on some Robotic Artificial Intelligence to do it for me.

  2. No fangle dangle nonsense required here. The simpler you keep a vehicle the better.
    Imagine that thing broken down in the bush if it even got that far

  3. If I want a robot driver I’ll get the handbrake to drive.
    I like to be in control as the experiences i have had in my working life have not endeared me to AI or anything like it

  4. I am all for it!

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