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Grey nomad karma of the open road
Doug and June are convinced that helping others has had a positive impact on their journey.

It is no secret that grey nomads are a friendly and helpful bunch, but is there a pattern to apparently disconnected incidents on the open road to suggest you do indeed reap what you sow?

Grey nomad Doug Longbottom certainly believes so.

On a recent Big Lap, Doug and his wife, June were making their way towards Camooweal in Outback Queensland when they saw a VW Kombi parked on the side of the road.

“We immediately pulled over to see what the problem was and the man and the woman were distraught as they had been stuck there for over seven hours,” said Doug. “The bloke said the vehicle kept conking out when they were driving.”

Doug has long believed that you should always try to help a fellow traveller in need and he was happy to walk the walk. Another helpful traveller in an ’80 Series LandCruiser quickly pulled up as well, and Doug noticed an old bus – which he had previously passed several times on the road – drive by.

“I got my head in the engine bay and soon got the old Kombi running as good as new as I used to repair them,” said Doug. “I told the Kombi bloke that I would then follow him as far as I could because I was going to stop the night at the Camooweal rest stop.”

Doug did stop at Camooweal and picked out a spot in the rest area before lighting his recently renewed fridge.

“Unfortunately the fridge then started to smoke,” said Doug. “I went outside and took the fridge panel off to see what was smoking, and to let the air cool it off.” It was at that point that the 30’ foot bus pulled up a short distance from Doug and the driver came over for a chat and to ask why the fridge cover was off. When he learned that the fridge had recently been refurbished, the bus traveller had some reassuring words.

“He told me not to worry as once it settled down there would be no smoke,” said Doug. “And would you believe it, he said he used to repair them … it just goes to show you what happens when you help someone!”

  • Do you believe in karma of the open road? What good deeds have you done that you believe have later been rewarded by the universe? Comment below.

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2 Responses to Nomads paying it forward … Karma on the Big Lap

  1. I’d be having a chat with whoever fixed it and didn’t tell you to expect that…

  2. Karma works in life whether or not you believe in it

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