Free campers welcome in soon-to-be silo art town

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Kimba silo art
Blank canvas ... the silos at Kimba are set for serious facelift

The growing grey nomad silo art trail is about to add another stop with the South Australia town of Kimba about to join the party.

Work is to start this week on transforming the blank and drab 30 metre-high Viterra silos in the Eyre Peninsula community into a major tourist drawcard.

Those behind the initiative speculate that the soon-to-be masterpiece could even knock Kimba’s famous giant galah from its perch as the town’s most famous artwork.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that Melbourne artist Cam Scale will revamp the six silos on Eyre Highway, in a move hoped to stop some of the hundreds of motorists who pass by daily.

The local council has also extended the town’s free camping area so, as the artwork starts to happen and gets closer to completion, the people who come in for a look can be accommodated.

“We’ve already talked to some of our businesses, who might see a tourist influx, so they’re aware and are ready for it,” Heather Baldock, the president of the Kimba Community Development Group told the Advertiser. “Because we’re a small rural town reliant on agriculture, we saw this as another way to provide economic opportunities for our community.”

The design of the new artwork is still being kept under wraps, but the silo painting will face the town so that motorists will have to drive in to see it. A viewing platform is also to be built.

The $100,000 project is being funded by Country Arts SA, donations and sponsorship, the group will also build a viewing platform.

In nearby Coonalpyn, a silo artwork had an immediate impact as an estimated one in three motorists stopped each minute along the Dukes Highway to photograph the work.

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3 Responses to Free campers welcome in soon-to-be silo art town

  1. The sculptures at White Knob lookout at Kimba are also a definite must see, and an excellent place for a picnic lunch – most people are not aware of them as they are not on the main road. Kimba has always been a preferred stop for us – Friendly little town to boot.

    • I certainly agree with you Possum. The statues of Edward John Eyre and his aboriginal companion are amazing.

  2. Thallon silos have just been finished and week worth a look if you are near Mungundi district.

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