Finally, a caravan kitchen with plenty of space!

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caravan kitchen for grey nomads
That’s not a kitchen … this is a kitchen! PIC: West Australian/Tom Zaunmayr

Most grey nomads make mealtimes a centrepiece of their days … but not everyone is happy about cooking in the relatively cramped confines of a caravan or motorhome!

This innovative setup garnered plenty of attention when it it rolled into the West Australian town of Karratha a few days ago.

The ultimate in al fresco kitchens which comes complete with storage cabinets, cooktop, double-basin sink and meal prep area, is latched onto the back of the caravan.

A reporter with the West Australian newspaper said he spotted the masterpiece taking up two car bays — and a bit extra — at the Karratha shops last week.

“It is for the discerning grey nomad who feels the need for a five course meal while on the road,” said Tom Zaunmayr. “And, judging by the size of the satellite dish, you will be able to get food info from My Kitchen Rules in every corner of Australia.”

  • Do you think the kitchen latched onto the back of a caravan concept could catch on? Comment below.



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13 Responses to Finally, a caravan kitchen with plenty of space!

  1. Is that legal?

  2. Number plate required to be moved as with tail and brake lights – as is it would fail basic roadworthy – It would also significantly reduce mass on tow-ball. Accident waiting to happen should not be on road.

  3. no… will not catch on… perhaps fall off is a better description

  4. Agree with you Possum, apart from the number plate, I read an article on another web site some time ago about boxes built on or fitted to the rear of “RV’s” could render them un-roadworthy as it increases the length of an already registered vehicle, not to mention the risk of making a caravan “tail heavy” which could lead to sway. Sundy.

    • Number plate must be fully visible at a 45 degree angle at a distance of 20 metres. The configuration displayed will not comply.

  5. 10 out 0f 10 for the idea, however I also agree that it would fail the RWC.
    Would be very questionable re the validity on an insurance claim.
    I wish the person well in his invention.

  6. The setup would be good if you could hook it up when camped and then remove it an store it if you had the room on a truck etc.

  7. Definitely doesn’t look safe. This would completely off balance the caravan. Good luck getting out of a situation where the caravan starts to sway.

  8. This won’t catch on. It is too big and cumbersome. Probably an accident waiting to happen.

  9. I would like to think that people who tow caravans are aware of load distribution and particularly having extreme weight at the front and rear. This is commonly known as the dumbbell effect, the correct term is “Yaw Inertia”. As the two areas of mass are further away from the pivot point (the axle), it has a tendency to increase in oscillation rather than be damped by the force of the towing vehicle. It should be common knowledge that heavy loads should be over the axle(s) and down low. Unfortunately incorrect loading is a common sight as is caravan accidents.

  10. How ridiculous is all i can say agree with ssfety issues raised but who wants to cook fsncy meals outsidexwith flies.rain etc. We cook inside the van on the stove provided but also love to cook on the campfire when we free camp – as much as possible.

  11. A few dirt roads with corrugations and holes and see what happens !

  12. Ridiculous idea. We can cook a lovely gourmet meal inside our van if the weather is not good. Otherwise outside with the baby weber, frypan, gas cookers or campfire. Don’t need such a large ugly add on the back

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