What will campsites look like a decade from now?

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campgrounds of the future
Spectacular views await courageous cliffside campers of the future. PIC: KOA

It’s not that long ago that grey nomads had to find a public phone box to call home, go to the pharmacy to get their trip pics developed, and they didn’t have to worry about caravan parks with bouncing pillows.

While the fundamental joys of travelling Australia remain basically the same, the experience is nonetheless constantly changing. Online bookings, self-contained RVs … the Big Lap evolution is ongoing and endless.

With so much happening, it is almost impossible to predict what the camping scene might look like in 2030 … but that is exactly what a top US camping company has had a crack at. Kampgrounds of America (KOA) envisions travellers not only being able to book campsites

Campsites of the future

2030? Campsites on floating pontoons. PIC: KOA

through apps, but being able to see views and amenities on offer in advance using virtual reality technology.

KOA also thinks that geofencing could be the next big thing, allowing campers to be automatically checked in and directed to the appropriate site via lighted signs. Future campsites will also embrace solar and have massive banks of panels to power the campsites and visitors’ vehicles. As well as plugging in, KOA thinks one day grey nomads and others will be able to drive onto a giant, solar-powered pad to charge their rigs.

And, working on the assumption that most travellers in remote areas are seeking fully immersive experiences, KOA believes future campgrounds will nestle into the cliffs with sites extending out onto cantilevered overhangs. In coastal sites, circular pontoons could be built to allow travellers to camp over water.

And for those weary adventurers too tired to do too much once they have parked up, help is on its way. Some manufacturers already integrate voice-command technology into RVs so issuing orders like, “Winnebago roll out the awning,” will be standard.

And, by 2030, travellers might arrive at a campsite and say, “KOA, get me some firewood” and then sit back and watch it be delivered … by drone!

• What features would you like to see in future campsites? Comment below.

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