SA van parks benefit from easing of travel restrictions

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Laura Community Caravan Park
Mandy Black and Peter White have been delighted to welcome visitors back to their van Park. PIC: Adelaide Advertiser / Daniel Stringer

With caravanning and camping being encouraged again in some states, van parks and regional businesses are beginning to feel the benefits of the return of grey nomads and other travellers.

In the South Australian town Laura, for example, the local van park has started to welcome holidaymakers again. Last weekend, 15 caravans booked into the park which, under the new social distancing guidelines, has a capacity for 20 sites.

It’s great news for the owners of the Laura Community Caravan Park, Mandy Black and Peter White, who say the month of June is already booking out.

“Within an hour of restrictions being eased we were getting bookings and they really haven’t stopped since,” Mr White told the Adelaide Advertiser. “It is great that we are able to take bookings again and the people coming through are just saying how great it is to be able to get out and travel again.”

Ms Black said that bookings at the park had a knock-on benefit for the whole of the community.

“When visitors come here they can get their coffees locally and visit some of the local shops and businesses, so the benefits are widespread,” she said. “It was a tough period for everybody, but now that we are opening up again everybody’s spirits are high and the last week or so has been fantastic.”

However, the couple say the Covid-19 restrictions did have a massive impact on their business and they lost an estimated $30,000 in revenue in April alone.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that not all towns have seen a tourism bounce yet, with places like Quorn and Wilmington yet to reopen to tourists.

The newspaper says larger towns such as Port Pirie and Port Augusta haven’t yet seen the benefits of reduced travel restrictions yet either. In both towns, caravan park owners have said bookings are still low and they are uncertain if numbers will soon pick up.

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One Response to SA van parks benefit from easing of travel restrictions

  1. Yes. Monday 18th we headed from our home in Busselton up to Singleton near Mandurah as the regional borders have opened between Sth West, Metro/ Peel, Wheatbelt and Gt Southern. Met our new Great Granddaughter and then headed out to Mukinbudin to catch up with some elderly family members. We jumped at the chance in case a 2nd wave of Covid 19 hits and all closes up again. Heading back to Busso Saturday as a massive storm is due to hit Sunday. Nice to be out and about again. Mukinbudin Caravan Park would have to be the best little park in the West.

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