Going, going, not gone … Larry the Lobster stays put

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Larry the Lobster!
Long live Larry the Lobster!

Grey nomad lovers of Australia’s traditional big thing attractions can rest a little easier tonight, safe in the knowledge that the iconic Larry the Lobster is staying put in his spiritual home of Kingston in South Australia.

After the giant crustacean failed to draw a bid at auction last September, speculation had been rife that Larry could be on a one-way ticket interstate, especially after a deadline imposed by Kingston District Council for someone to buy it failed to elicit a response.

Larry has been on Australia’s ‘big attraction’ list for about 40 years. Current owners Jenna and Casey Sharpe bought Larry in 2007 and recently gave Kingston’s favourite son a $50,000 makeover. However, with a starting price of $300,000 Larry and the associated restaurant failed to attract a single bid at last September’s auction

However, the ABC reports that an eleventh-hour bid by a South Australian pastoralist family has ensured that the 17-metre fibreglass lobster would be staying put. Kingston pastoralist Tom Brinkworth said he struck a deal with the owners on Saturday night after his wife mentioned rumours Larry had been sold to a party intending to move it to Western Australia.

Mr Brinkworth declined an interview but told the ABC the lobster would stay in place for future generations to enjoy.

The ABC reports that the millionaire pastoralist is rumoured to be behind other philanthropic gestures in the region including paying to fix a leaking roof on the Kingston Hospital in 2017.

In 2013 he bought 18,000 cattle from several stations in Queensland and employed drovers to move the cattle along 2,000 kilometres of old stock routes to his property near Hay, New South Wales. Three years later the ABC reported the family was running 40,000 head of cattle and 120,000 sheep across about 1 million hectares.

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2 Responses to Going, going, not gone … Larry the Lobster stays put

  1. We did in 2006 on our honeymoon, and the crayfish sandwich was nice too. Picture is archived somewhere in the stratosphere . I think it is excellent that it is being preserved in Kingston. (would have been nice to see it in WA though)

  2. We have seen the Giant Lobster passing through and stopping at Kingston, it really stands out and good to see. Why the Kingston or local shire doesn’t buy it to retain it in the town. Would look great at Jurien Bay and Geraldton WA as Lobster fishing is huge on the northern coast.

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