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Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

STEVE SAYS: I loved this photo. It captures the spirit of travelling Australia perfectly, and  ‘dust’ is also central to its message. The... Read more

By the light

Steve says: Wow! The way the photographer has captured the moonlight dancing on the water is superb. The angler appears focussed completely on... Read more

Vote now to choose ‘Dust, Dirt or Sand’ photo competition winners

The judge has spoken.  One of the 10 photos below will be named the winner of the grey nomads’ ‘Dust, Dirt or Sand’... Read more

Pelican at sunset

Steve says: The photographer has used the unique light here to compose a truly superb photo. He or she has caught the colour... Read more

Caption competition Issue 55

‘Watch the first step,  ITS A DOOZIE!’ Daryl S   ‘Hi, just hanging about.’ Terry A   ‘Mum, The dogs been digging holes again.’... Read more

Mungo Lunette

STEVE SAYS: The photographer has captured the magic and the majesty of this ancient landscape magnificently. The colours and the texture are simply... Read more

Murrumbidgee Dawn

Steve says: Extraordinary colours here, but so much else to enjoy, as well. The desolate nature of the floodplain, the crispness of the... Read more

Motorhome cliff caption competition

Caption Compettion Results … GNT 56

Thank God for traction control. Peter L I told you I’d find a spot close to the water! John Wilson-Brown You had the... Read more

Summer surf

Steve says: Incredible. The vivid orange colour, the texture of the waves, the expectant surfer … all the elements come together perfectly to... Read more

Caption competition GNT Issue 61

Gee I LOVE Boxing Day…..HE HE HE Keith L   I’m keeping the cold beers for myself. John C   Kicking back. Enjoying... Read more


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