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Newsletter caption competition – Issue 48

The caption competition in Issue 47 of the Grey Nomad Times brought in a stack of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture... Read more

Pulling Power

Steve says: I think we all know how frighteningly powerful  road trains are, and how potentially terrifying. Seeing such an icon of life on... Read more

Grey nomads photo competition

New Day Dawns

STEVE SAYS: A new day dawns … and what a cracker it’s going to be! How could a day that begins with this... Read more


Steve says: What’s not to love. My eye was immediately drawn to the fiery red sky illuminating the swirling clouds and silhouetting the... Read more

GNT caption competition … Issue 52

The caption competition in Issue 52 of the Grey Nomad Times brought heaps of rib-tickling of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture... Read more

Caption Competition Results … GNT 57

  You just don’t listen do you? I said “PARK SOMEWHERE I CAN GO FOR A PIDDLE” Geoff T     Well, you... Read more

Lake Guthridge

Steve says: I just love the gentle colours of this truly beautiful shot. The orange glow of the sun and its reflection off... Read more

Grey nomad photo competition

Tides Out

STEVE SAYS: I really enjoyed the shimmering silver of this photo, and the way it brings magic to this vast expanse of water and... Read more

Who needs five star accommodation?

Steve says: Well, if you think you’re important this picture should remind you of your absolute insignificance in the greater scheme of things.... Read more

Power of the Southern Ocean

Steve says: An excellent landscape photo here, depicting the relentless force and power of the ocean. This is such a clear portrayal of the... Read more


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