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Our winner by Glen M: “Me move? No way! ... Chicken!!!”

The caption competition in Issue 54 of the Grey Nomad Times brought in another avalanche of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture on the right.


Camel thinking “This is my road, I got here first and  I can stand here if I want”
Louise T



Hey Marg, wake up there is a  “Camel Crossing” ahead.
Louise T


Oh Reg, don’t be stupid there called “Zebra Crossings”.
Louise T


Now where did I put that caravan……
Tony F


‘Mind the Hump’.
Colin & Yvonne


“Watch out there must be more, camels always travel in a caravan.”
Graham D


Camel hump ahead
Josie H


Why did the camel cross the road?
Robin R.


“Hump ahead!”
Barb and Darryl W


Oh yeah, you wanna go where?  Well the fee is………….
Mary R


“I’m thirsty – where is the nearest happy hour?”


I wonder when the next camel train will come?
Barbara B

Speed humps are doozies out here .
Graham B


“We’ll … Haven’t you herd (sic) of ‘Camel Crossings’?”
Andrew V


Where do you think your going? this is my track.
Phil & Lyn B


Mirage! Don’t be stupid! It’s a bloody camel!
Dan D


Just the one speed hump on this stretch!
Deb W


“Another hump in the road”
Tony & Lesley


I thought they said turn left after the two humps
Graeme T


This is my track and I’ll stand here as long as I like!
Sue M


“Oh look, another speed hump NT style!”
Des H


‘I don’t need much water so I can frustrate all those motorists for a few months, eh!’
Colin S


Which way to HUMPTY DOO?
David M


Eric D


“YOU would like me to do, what???”
Ross R


Now I’m lost!!!!
John W


Not quite what I meant when I said watch out for the humps.


I knew I could get your attention, it worked.
Robyn B


Where now Clyde.
George K



Who the hell are you and were did you come from ?
Thirl & Ron


“I wonder if they’ve missed me yet?”
Dicky P

I knew I shouldn’t have had that last beer at happy hour last night, no pink elephants out here.
Lindsay and Colleen


“I was here first”
Ann C



“ I bet that I use less fuel that you do”
Ann C




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