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grey nomads caption competition
Just love a Victorian summer! ... Trina B

Dad, tell me again what Uluru looks like.
Geoffrey M

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!
Bob S

Hey mum, Dad used too much washing powder again!

I told you not to use so much shaving foam dear….
Tony F

“How is Santa gunna make it through that?”
Reg O

I think you used too much laundry detergent again
Geoff H

I told you that you had put too much soap powder in the washing machine.
Colin T

Ethel, too much washing powder.
Frank & Kathy T

Looks like we are in for a cold snap!!
Craig & Linda

Oops! Too much soap powder again!

Dad told us we would see snow but this is ridiculous.
Donna Z

Told you not to use so much detergent.

Esmay, look! Surf’s up in Byron Bay.
Tony M

What the hell!
Dan D

Honey, I think the washing is done.

This is snow much fun.
Debbie W

“White is the new grey…”
Fabienne H

We wanted to miss the “BIG WET” so we went to Hobart for Christmas.
Alan F

Well dear, the new heater works well.
Dave R

“Are we there yet?”
Alan S



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