New Day Dawns

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Grey nomads photo competition
New Day Dawns ... (click on image for larger version).

STEVE SAYS: A new day dawns … and what a cracker it’s going to be! How could a day that begins with this wonderful light, these amazing textures, and this  incredible Outback sky be anything other spectacularly fantastic. I’ve been to many, many countries but I don’t believe there is anywhere on earth than can match the colours of outback Australia. The richness of the reds photographed here are just so warm and vivid and unique. I love it. It’s a picture as well that is teeming with texture and life. I can feel the warmth of the rising sun and the promise and excitement of the dawning day. I want to be there. I want to live that day in that place. Congratulations to the photographer for recognising how special it was … and for capturing at least some of its magic.

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