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Grey Nomad Times caption competition
"Nah! Haven't had a bite since the bloody fire engine went under." .... Dan

The caption competition in Issue 48 of the Grey Nomad Times brought in another avalanche of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture on the right.

“Tough, mate – I own the mining lease!”
Lorraine B

“Waiting for the tide to come in.”
Dave Mc

The cod are biting, I am told.
Graham B

Bloody carp are everywhere.
Chris & Collin

Not as good as ice fishing, but warmer!

Lake Barra !!!!
Sandra A

Has he got a licence from the council?

I want that Barra!!!!
Kevin J

The tide should be coming in soon!!
Graham S

I hope I’m using the right bait.

You can laugh all you want ? But where there is muddy water, ! there is CARP.
Darryl N

No carp in here!
Sandra C

Patience is a virtue.

Drop a line anywhere!
Glenys & Graham

“But they said we can catch fish anywhere in the NT”

Is the tide coming or going?
Judy R

Fishing? Naaa … my car went down there – just looking for the wife!

There is bigger fish and crabs in the bigger hole up further!
Gary H






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