Newsletter caption competition – Issue 48

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The caption competition in Issue 47 of the Grey Nomad Times brought in a stack of entries. Here’s some of your suggestions for the picture on the right.

‘I’ll get that radiator cap on come what may!’
Bill R

‘That animal noise came from in here somewhere..’
Shayne L

‘A big American car needs a big American screwdriver!!!!!’
Lindsay R

‘Nah I should have used a 16 pounder for the water pump !!!!!’
Graham B

“I hope one hit fixes it”

Don’t force it, get a bigger hammer!
Andy & Leesa W

‘Percussive Maintenance’ – does the trick every time!!!
Julia R

‘I am a qualified mechanic.’
Terry A

‘I’ll just use my English screwdriver.’
Mal M

“I’ll give it a tap on the head … it works on the missus…!”
Ben G

‘No problem just a little fine tuning with my knockometer.’
Robyn D

‘Can you pass me a bigger hammer ?’
Gary D

“Supercheap Mechanic”
John S

“I thought I heard a ‘Miaow’”



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