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Do 'secret' smokers make good housesitters?

At home with sitters?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My wife and I are soon off on a six-month trip around Australia. We have three dogs, two cats... Read more

Grey nomad play cards in their caravan

Game for fun

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I used to love every aspect of the grey nomad lifestyle but, these days, I am more interested in... Read more

J discover a too relaxed grey nomad

Hubby is ‘Mr Cool’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, We are setting off around  Australia in less than three months and my husband, Colin, is driving me around... Read more

Do I really need a computer to travel?

High tech or no tech?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I am a self-confessed ‘technophobe’ but I get more nagged about why I haven’t got this or that device... Read more

Jaclyn and Heidi sporting

A sporting chance?

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My wife Nancy feared she would miss the grandkids way too much if we travelled long-term … and I... Read more

Grey nomads delay trip

I just can’t leave!

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My wife, Anne, and I have been on the verge of setting off on the Big Lap for about... Read more

No romance for solo grey nomad

‘Am I misunderstood?’

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I am a solo grey nomad who has been travelling since I became a widower three years ago. I... Read more

Grey noomads argue about campfires

A smouldering problem

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, My wife and I are six weeks into our open-ended adventure. We have a largely harmonious time despite being... Read more

Grey nomads solos want peace and quiet

Puzzle peace wanted

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I am a solo female traveller and like to stay in van parks. I also like to sit under... Read more

Grey nomad fixer on the road

Getting a fix of ambition

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi, I’m a bit of a Mr Fix it. I have always loved tinkering with engines, playing with plumbing, and... Read more

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