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Jaclyn and Heidi help a grey nomad

Dear Jaclyn and Heidi,
Help. A pledge I made to my wife a few months ago has come back to haunt me and I’m panicking  it’s going to derail our Big Lap. I’ve got to be honest and say that Maureen was never really that mad on travelling Australia. I had to entice her to follow my dream with promises that we would spend two or three nights in a hotel every month as a ‘treat’ and that she could fly ‘home’ from wherever we were to see the family every three months. I figured once she got started she would love life on the road so much that she wouldn’t want a hotel or a flight home … but she does! It’s not that she isn’t enjoying herself but I’ve promised her she can have her cake and eat it, too. Problem is. I don’t think we can afford it. But how do I tell her that?

This probably isn’t what you wanted to hear, Rob, but I’m guessing Maureen isn’t going to take the news very well at all. I understand that you did this for what you thought were the right reasons but she had every right to negotiate certain concessions over a decision like this which affects her life every much as yours. I suggest that you begin with a grovelling and heartfelt apology for behaving as poorly as you already have. Rather than taking the hotel and flights home completely off the table, maybe you can suggest that you might be able to stay in a hotel once every three months or so, and maybe Maureen can fly home every six months instead of every three. But, for Goodness sake, don’t offer that compromise unless you can deliver on it, Rob.

Poor, poor, Maureen is all I can say. I can’t think of too many women who would like the idea of setting off into infinity and beyond with such a deceptive, patronising, and thoughtless human being as you, Rob. No wonder Maureen insisted on the occasional hotel and being allowed to fly home regularly as a circuit breaker from being cooped up in a van with such a chauvinistic pig. How dare you lie to your wife over such an important issue? I understand that you were keen to ‘live the dream’ and maybe even believed she would eventually ‘thank you’ for getting her to hit the road but that is no excuse for lying and cheating to get what you wanted. Get a job Rob. Get two jobs if you have to but give your poor, long-suffering wife exactly what you promised her.


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