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Linda and Ian grey nomads

Linda & Ian

Linda and Ian M from Victoria, travel for anything from two or three days to two or three months. Sometimes they take the... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road GNT 100

Kevin & Hilary

Victorians Kevin and Hilary (73 and 70) have got the lot … apart from an ensuite, and the ‘midnight walk’ is not something... Read more

Jamie and Beryl

Jamie, 59, and Beryl, 56, are ready to travel … and work in the wool industry What do you travel in? Nissan Navara... Read more

Grey nomads

Lyn and Phil (Tassie case study)

Lyn & Phil are on a three-month trip to Tassie … their third in 12 years How much was the crossing? We boarded... Read more

Grey nomads take to the sky with drones

Alvan & Pam

Former helicopter pilot Alvan, 67, and wife Pam, 65, take their ‘drones’ with them as they hit the open road – and the... Read more

Grey nomad characters

House-hunting grey nomads discover home is where the rig is

A grey nomad couple explains how they set off in search of a paradise to call home … and found it on the... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

Lyn & Phil

Motorhomers Lyn & Phil (aka philyn) went free camping on their wedding night nearly half a century ago … and they’ve been at... Read more

Grey nomad character travels in Coaster campervan

Ted & Janice

Ted, who is originally from Scotland, is happy to hit the road solo …  while wife Janice stays home with the cats What... Read more

Brian, grey nomad, character of the road


Brian, 65, has imported his dream rig –  a mansion on the road – from the USA, and the extremely big adventures have... Read more

Campert traioler rules for grey nomad couple

Terry & Janice

Paintbrush-packing Terry and Janice (67 & 68) like to load up their 60 Series LandCruiser and camper trailer and visit remote regions What... Read more


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