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Grey nomad characters of the road

Brad and Maria

Brad, 50, and Maria, 51, are living the dream … permanently! What rig do you travel in? A 1660 Executive by Supreme, towed... Read more

Grey nomads are solo travellers in tyheir caravans

Suzanne H

Suzanne H (aka Red), 67, has been full-time on the road for four years … and is now ready to swap the bitumen... Read more

Travelling with technology

Phil & Pam

Self-confessed gizmo geek, Phil C, and wife Pam (both 63) like to travel with technology … and they reckon it brings an extra... Read more

Stev and Sure are grey nomads

Steve & Sue

Steve & Sue (both 57) from Geraldton love to travel … and on those long trips they’re so happy they even  break into... Read more

Grey nomads of Australia caption

Geoff and Bev

Sydneysiders Geoff, 67, & wife Bev (Coxy45) love to cook on the campfire What do you travel in? Millard Horizon 17’. It’s light... Read more

John is a grey nomads free camper


Solo traveller John R, 77, (aka yeoeleven) is happy to call the open road – and his Coaster bus – his home What... Read more

Tasmanian charcaters of the road

Max & LIz

Heat-seeking Tasmanians Max & Liz (mid 60s) head north for winter n their 21’ JB Scorpion Off Road  What do you travel in?... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

Susan and Lou

Susan, 67, and Lou, 69, sold their Geelong home more than five years ago … and haven’t looked back. They love being able... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

Sandra & Kerry

Sandra and Kerry B ( 69 & 63) may live in the bright lights of Brisbane but they’re much more at home inn... Read more

Rex and Denise can't imagine living in a house again

Rex and Denise

Former van park managers Rex, 68, and Denise, 62, are full-time travellers What rig do you travel in? Our 19’6 Paramount Delta semi... Read more


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