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Grey nomad characters of the road
Allan and Rhonda are set up for rugged adventures

Gold Coasters Allan, 60, and Rhonda, late 50s, love getting off the open road and onto the tracks.  With their 4WD motorhome, they reckon they are ready to explore every rugged corner of tis wonderful country.

What rig do you travel in?
We travel in a 4×4 motorhome made by SLR Caravans & Mo­torhomes which is fully self- sufficient. We selected this rig for its ability to go anywhere … even if there is no track there!

Likes of the lifestyle?
We love the solitude, peace and quiet, the unspoilt beauty of our country … and the ad­venture of trying to get there. We love the freedom to do anything we like to do. We love the bush, the stations (where we get permission to visit) and, most of all, free camping.

off-road motorhome

The couple enjoy their relaxed, ‘off the road’ lifestyle

Dislikes of the lifestyle?
There are few things that bother us on the road but they include: not enough overtaking lanes to let the traffic by; and also incompetent bureaucrats (there seems to be a plague of them).

Gold prospecting, fishing, photography, retirement in general. Also, long walks, counting the satellites going by at night, cooking on campfires and enjoying some great meals.

Has your outlook changed?
Our outlook on life has changed a lot. We are far more relaxed and happier. We are loving every day, and enjoy meeting new people with the same outlook.

Favourite place to camp?
We have not seen enough of this wonderful country to have a favourite place yet.

Scariest experience?
None so far.

Advice for fellow nomads?
Keep an EPIRB for emergen­cies and take good communi­cation (satellite phone, Telstra). Enjoy yourself, have fun … and keep busy. More generally, I would say: get off the bitu­men and explore … you will be surprised by what you will find!



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