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Anton free camping
Anton’s rig is set up for free camping and city driving

Anton, 69, from Tassie is travelling solo … and loving life on the road! He enjoys free camping and says he has been overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit of the people he meets in Australia’s campsites and camping areas.

What do you travel in?
My Toyota HiAce Poptop has everything I need and is very versatile. With family in Bris­bane, I can use it as city run-about when staying with them. When travelling, it gets me into most of the places I want to see as the more well-known ones are generally accessible.

Have you modified your rig?
I’ve added two deep cycle bat­teries, a portable solar panel and associated gear to enable free camping as much as possible.

How long do your trips last?
So far, six weeks to four months on the road. I am plan­ning to go around Australia next year so that will be longer.

Is travelling solo challenging?
It was a bit daunting setting out the first time, but everyone out there is so friendly. It is a great experience to see this wonderful country and meet other adventurers. It can get a bit lonely at times but that would happen if I stayed home as well. The Grey Nomads forum is great as it enables meeting up with others on the road.

Are other travellers helpful?
Yes! Strangers have pulled me out of bogs, offered help when I looked puzzled and, in Alice Springs, a couple from Victoria took me out to dinner when they discovered it was my birthday – an overwhelming gesture from complete stran­gers! Invites to ‘Happy Hour’ are frequent and people are happy to answer any queries I might have. It works both ways, of course, as I am happy to help and meet others.

Where do you camp?
My main aim is to see as much of this country as my remaining years allow. I prefer natural attractions so national parks are high on my itinerary. Thus, on my way home from Brisbane, I have taken the time to travel through the Great Di­viding Range and I’m loving it. Of course, when areas like the Hunter Valley get within range, detours have been known to happen!

Best thing about the lifestyle?
The independence to be able to go where and when you want.

What are your hobbies?
Photography … and travelling!

Favourite camp in Australia?
I was very taken with The Red Centre and the parks in the Northern Territory! The gorges and ghost gums of the West MacDonnells are incredible.

Advice for wannabe nomads?
Talk to others who have trav­elled. If you are unsure, take a few small trips before making a big commitment.


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