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Grey nomad charcater of the road
Di and Dusty's rig suits them perfectly

Dianne, 60 from Adelaide travels with her much-loved Kelpie/Husky cross, Dusty … and she’s now aiming to live on the road full-time.

What do you travel in?
1993 Winnebago Blaxland. I love the layout with a com­pletely separate rear bedroom with wardrobe hanging space and plenty of cupboards. No making up the bed every night or packing it away during the day to use as a club lounge/dinette and no climbing up a ladder to go to bed. I also have a shower separate to the loo and hand basin and an outside shower with hot water for washing sand off my dog. Win­nebago think of everything!

How long do your trips last?
Up to now I have only man­aged a few days or weeks at a time because I had a very old dog that I couldn’t take away too far or for too long at a time, but now she’s gone I’m aiming on hitting the road full time with my remaining dog.

Where do you like to camp?
National parks are out because of the dog obviously. I usually opt for the smaller cheaper caravan parks with as little kid-friendly stuff as possi­ble. Not that I have anything against kids but I find that a lot of parents these days don’t give a rat’s ….. what their kids are up to, including creating havoc and annoying everyone around them. I also like the showground option as then I have somewhere I can play ball with my mate.

Likes about the lifestyle?
I hope it will be the people you meet, the scenery and the free­dom to just pack up and move on when the mood takes you.

What won’t you like?
Emptying the loo as I have a cassette type which is very heavy for me to manage when full. And I hate school holidays because of minimum booking periods and sky-high rates.

Favourite on-the-road meal?

On the-road hobbies?
Keeping a daily journal and organising photos on the computer.

What wouldn’t you be without?
My dog and my computer.

Favourite place to camp?
Port Rickaby, South Australia. Great little park right on the beachfront. Friendly, helpful staff.

Advice for wannabe nomads?
Don’t put it off. Do it while you can still enjoy everything.



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