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Grey nomads characters of the road in their aravan
Eils and Alby had a great time in the Northern Territory

Eils, 63,& Alby, 67, left their Kalgoorlie home three years ago in their home-built 28′ caravan

What do you travel in?
A 28’ home-built caravan towed by a 2004 100 series LandCruiser. It is our home now, and has everything we need for comfort.

Where do you camp?
We love free camping, waking up to a new view out of the bedroom window. We love the freedom to go where we want and when we want, with no timeframe and no responsibilities.

Was it long in the planning?
We planned this trip the moment we landed in Australia from England in 1971. We have worked hard all our lives to fund our retirement and this is wanted we wanted to do.

Favourite on-the-road meal?
Our own ‘cheese-and-potato pie and baked beans’. It’s a dish that goes way back to when the children were little and has been our favourite ever since. I also smoke chicken breasts in the Cobb and freeze for lunches.

On the-road hobbies?
Alby loves gold detecting, fishing and reading. I love keeping a journal, photography, reading and I knit squares to send to a South African children’s charity. We also both love walking.

Do you volunteer as you go?
Yes, this is our favourite part of travelling. We volunteer as much as we can. We get great joy from helping out people in need, and have met some wonderful families that don’t want us to leave!

Favourite place so far?
It would have to be the Northern Territory in autumn. We had an awesome time at Alice Springs volunteering at The Road and Transport Hall of Fame. We met some wonderful people and there was so much to see and do in and around ‘The Alice’.

What wouldn’t you be without?
Our computers, camera … and Alby’s port barrel!

Scariest nomad experience?
We were parked up at a farm in NSW for a few weeks and we got mice and a rat in the van. They were chewing the woodwork under the fridge! We had to put baits down and finally got rid of them.

Advice for other nomads?
Being on the road full time is not for everyone, so work out what suits you best. Do a lot of research when buying your rig. It took us about two years of research to find what suited us best. When driving, tune your CB to the truckies’ channel 40 and be mindful of the road trains.

Any plans to stop?
At the moment, we are enjoying the travelling so much, we can’t imagine ourselves living in a house any more!


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