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Grey nomad characters f the road travel in pop-top caravan
Fred & Inga’s van is set up for free camping

 Fred & Inga E still call Wowan in Queensland home … but they’re not there as often as they used to be!

 What do you travel in?
1996 Nissan Navara D21 dual cab, pulling a 1976 Franklin 16’ pop top. It means we can pull over at any time and have a quick bite and a rest with­out having to lift the top. We use our portable gas stove on our folding table and chairs when none are available at roadside stops. At night, four clips and up goes the top for overnight stops. I have set the van up with a solar system and deep cycle battery through a CTEK wired back to the Ute to charge while driving. This works for us.

Biggest trip so far?
On our first trip after retiring, we took around six months to do the Big Lap. We learnt a lot from this trip and, after years of camping with the family in tents, the van was great. We are looking for­ward to doing a lot of smaller trips of around one to three months.

Where do you like to camp?
We both love spending time in the bush so we normally try to free camp or stay in national parks and state forests. We maybe stay once or twice a week in caravan parks if the price is right.

Likes and dislikes?
We love the peace and quiet and slowly realising our dream of seeing all of Australia. We still don’t like getting up in the morning, or having to move camp. At some places we stayed there were time limits, even in winter when no one else was around.

On the road hobbies?
Inga does crosswords, while I spend a good bit of my time out walking and taking photos of anything that takes my interest.

What are your must-haves?
Where do I start? My tool kit, my Camp 7 Book, and my laptop.

Favourite place to camp so far?
Every state has its own great spots but we always think there is so much to see and do in South Australia’s Barossa Valley area.

Scariest nomad experience?
Being overtaken on a hill over double lines by some clown in his Big Rig motorhome pulling a closed-in trailer. I would bet my dollars that if someone had come over the crest of the hill he would have just run me off the road. The thing that annoyed me was that we passed him just another 10 kilometres down the road having a lunch break! Happily, that was the last time we ever saw him!

Tips for fellow nomads?
Before you leave your camp, check and check again your load. Make sure the doors, windows and top hatches are shut before you hit the road. It might save you some big dollars. We have seen all sorts of things go wrong while on the road.


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