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Grey Nomad characters of the road
Anne gets ready to hit the open the road again

Glenn & Anne retired early, live in an over-50s village … and love to travel

What rig do you travel in?
Tug is a 96 Prado Grande, auto v6. The cave is a 2002 Slingshot, 4×4 camper trailer. It takes us less than a minute to open and includes a full internal kitchen, two lounge type seats and a double bed with plenty of room and storage. This setup is good for us as neither of us are in great health and, if necessary, either one of us can set up or close the camper and drive the rig.

How long do you travel?
Our longest trip was a half loop of Oz, completed in four weeks and covering 12,000 kms. It was a quick trip but we had work and health constraints. We love weekend getaways and the odd week away and have two trips planned out around our health issues for the near future.

Where do you camp?
We have stayed in some great caravan parks, found some great free camping sites, as
well as stayed in our national parks. On the whole, we find national parks are expensive without offering much in the way of amenities. We like to do our tourist spend in all the towns we stop in, normally around $80 topping up our food and fuel.

Likes of the lifestyle?
Meeting other greylings, finding new places and seeing how other Australians live.

Staying in parks or free camping next to highways or noise such as trains or pubs.

Are you self-contained?
We don’t have solar but, with gas and a small onboard battery, we can free camp for days without running out of power or gas. Our camper has 60 litres of water, plus we carry another 40 in jerry cans so we can have our showers and use our Portaloo.

Chatting around a campfire, fishing, patchwork quilting and resting.

Favourite spots
The deer park outside of Imbil near Gympie in Qld, the Cotton Tree caravan park in Maroochydore (we have never seen so many amenities blocks), Diamond Waters at Laurieton in NSW.

Advice for wannabe nomads?Do what you want to do while you are on the spot … you may not ever return as there are so many places to go. Have fun, stay well and look out for others.


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