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Grey nomad characters of the road
Julia and Jim like to wake up in spectacular places

Canberra couple Julia, 55, and Jim, 57 are gearing up to retire

What do you travel in? 
Evernew 23.5 ft & Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited turbo diesel. The Jeep is a dream to drive and tows really well. We like the bigger, stronger van as we like a bit of space and to go off the black top. The Evernew has performed without fault over some really rough terrain.

How long do you travel?
We travelled for nine months in 2012 doing the ‘half loop’ of up the Centre, across the top and back through WA. It was our ‘maiden voyage’ and we loved every minute of it. We plan to retire at the end of 2013 so we can go on the road for a few years to really explore this fabulous land.

Where do you like to camp?
We like a mixture. National parks get you to some spec­tacular places as do free camps, especially down the WA coast. We have also met some really friendly people in national parks and free camps. Caravan parks are good to recharge and replenish.

Likes of the lifestyle?
We love not having deadlines and routines, and waking up in some of the most awesome places is indescribable.

Dislikes of the lifestyle?
We miss the children and grandchildren but, once you have caught up with them for a while, it’s good to be off again.

On-the-road hobbies?
Using our laptop to keep in touch with everyone. We like to talk to other travellers. Julia likes to read.

Favourite place to camp?
Warroora, about 35kms south of Coral Bay, has absolute beachfront sites, is cheap, and has great swimming and snor­kelling. Our kind of place! We also fell in love with the coast around Red Bluff, but did not stay there. Oh well. As we keep saying: “Next Time.”

Scariest nomad experience?
A close encounter in a Darwin caravan park with a snake that had decided to sleep on my campchair. I was just about to sit down when I saw what I thought was a bit of rope. I was about to pick it up when I realised it was a snake. All our neighbours thought it was hilarious as I ran as fast as I could out of the park and refused to come back until it was gone!

Tips for nomads?
Be considerate. Try to leave camps cleaner than you found them. Go for it!


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