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Grey nomad characters of the road GNT 100
Kevin and Hilary’s van is light and comfortable

Victorians Kevin and Hilary (73 and 70) have got the lot … apart from an ensuite, and the ‘midnight walk’ is not something they look forward to

What do you travel in?
1998 Jayco Starcraft Poptop, Tug is a 2010 Great Wall x240 2.4ltr petrol SUV. The van is light, easy to tow and to main­tain, and it is comfortable.

Does it have everything?
The van isn’t set up with ensuite facilities and we don’t really like having to go to the toilets in the cold. Brrrrrrr!

Where do you camp?
Our trips can last anywhere from three days to over four months and, because we don’t have an ensuite or a solar sys­tem, we stay mainly in cara­van parks. The added weight of a generator wouldn’t be a problem … it is more a matter of ‘where do I carry it?’.

Likes of the lifestyle?
The freedom to go where you wish, stop where you want, to be able to meet lots of friendly people, and just to explore this great country.

… dislikes?
Drivers that fill in the space that I’ve left to stop in, drivers that travel at 80-85km/h and then speed up when they get to a passing lane. These driv­ers are not necessarily cara­vanners!

Have your plans changed?
Yes, we want to do more!

Favourite on-the-road meal?
Apricot chicken, and any­thing that can be done on the barbecue.

Do you keep a journal?
Yes, a very rough one though, with pictures kept on iPad. We also like to use our travels to learn about our family history.

You wouldn’t be without?
A metal step with adjustable legs.

Favourite place to camp?
Too many to mention but we love Bowen in Queensland, a lovely town with great murals. We like Lightning Ridge ’cos its quirky. Mendooran was also great when we first found it, but now it gets very crowded. Gulargambone is another favourite because we always wanted to go there and it’s just a nice place.

Scariest nomad experience?
Blowing a tyre on the van at 90km/h! Amazingly, every­thing stayed level and we were able to pull over and change it fairly easily. A two jack job though. We also broke a spring on our previous van when we were going over a cattle grid on the Moonie Highway and we needed to be towed to Dalby for repairs.

Tips for wannabe nomads?
Don’t wait until you are old. Old is too far away. Get out and do it. If you are hesitant about it, do it in small trips. Once you are on the road, take your time, visit the little country towns, and see the real country and its people.


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