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Grey nomads in the UK
Britons Maureen and Nev loved to caravan in the UK

Maureen and Nev from Lincolnshire, England, are caravanning veterans

What was your first caravan?
We bought out first caravan, a Sprite 400 4-berth, when our sons were 10 and 12 years old. They are both in their 50s now.

Where did you camp?
We always camped on regis­tered sites in caravan parks. We found a site at Wansford, Cambridgeshire, where there was a river running nearby. We bought a dinghy with a sail and an outboard motor. We enjoyed all that lifestyle very much.

Did you join an association?
One weekend we joined a group of caravanners in a field. They were a friendly lot. We found out they were all mem­bers of the British Camping and Caravanning Club (BCC). Eventually the boys stopped caravanning with us so we spent our weekends with the BCC. We took it in turns to or­ganise a weekend. Most meets were fairly local and we had lovely times … having barbe­cues, playing cards, socialising, reading and walking.

Did you take longer trips?
For our holidays we went further afield, covering most of England, Scotland and Wales. We had no desire to take the van abroad. The nicest holiday we had was in Scotland where we travelled for two weeks.

Was it cold?
We had various cars and caravans over the years. In the latter years having a two-berth van with double glazing and gas heating, toilet and shower room, we were never cold. The last van we owned was a Lunar 2-berth and the last car we pulled it with was a Nissan two litre.

Why do you like caravanning?
We lived on a farm so we liked to go out for the company and our wonderful countryside. We just loved the freedom and scenery. We have many happy memories.


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