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Grey nomads take to the sky with drones

Alvan & Pam

Former helicopter pilot Alvan, 67, and wife Pam, 65, take their ‘drones’ with them as they hit the open road – and the... Read more

Grey nomad characters

House-hunting grey nomads discover home is where the rig is

A grey nomad couple explains how they set off in search of a paradise to call home … and found it on the... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the road

Lyn & Phil

Motorhomers Lyn & Phil (aka philyn) went free camping on their wedding night nearly half a century ago … and they’ve been at... Read more

Grey nomad character travels in Coaster campervan

Ted & Janice

Ted, who is originally from Scotland, is happy to hit the road solo …  while wife Janice stays home with the cats What... Read more

Sola traveller, Lynda

Solo traveller, Lynda

Travelling solo full time suits Lynda down to the ground. What do you travel in?  A Jayco Conquest motorhome and I carry a... Read more

Brian, grey nomad, character of the road


Brian, 65, has imported his dream rig –  a mansion on the road – from the USA, and the extremely big adventures have... Read more

Campert traioler rules for grey nomad couple

Terry & Janice

Paintbrush-packing Terry and Janice (67 & 68) like to load up their 60 Series LandCruiser and camper trailer and visit remote regions What... Read more

Grey nomads in Tasmania

Jim & Noeleen (Tassie case study)

Veteran travellers Jim & Noeleen have just spent 10 weeks on the Apple Isle How much was the crossing? Our caravan and tow... Read more

Grey nomads and campervan trael

Roland & Cora

Brisbanites Roland H, 75, & wife Cora, 74 (aka corolly) take trips ranging from three days to three months. And they just love... Read more

Paul and Pam grey nomad characters

Paul and Pam

Paul, 64, and Pam, 60, from Logan in Queensland like to spend half the year at ‘home’ and half the year ‘home on... Read more


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