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Barb and Darryl

Barb and Darryl, both 55, from Victoria Point, Qld have plans to see more What rig do you travel in? We have a... Read more

Grey nomads love Fitzgerald River National Park

John & Gemma

After a serious health scare, John and Gemma (72 & 69) from Sydney are keen to make the most of every second on... Read more

Grey nomad characters of the Australian road

Janie & Peter

Originally from the UK, Janie & Peter S, 60-plus, now call Australia’s highway and byways home (nearly) What rig do you have? We... Read more

Grey nomads in the UK

Maureen and Nev

Maureen and Nev from Lincolnshire, England, are caravanning veterans What was your first caravan? We bought out first caravan, a Sprite 400 4-berth,... Read more

Grey nomads characters

Dianne and Greg

After 11 years in Tassie, Dianne and Greg, both, 61, are living the dream full time on the road. The budget is pretty... Read more

Grey nomad charcter of the road

Mel N

Mel N is an independent, motorcycle-loving 36-year-old woman who is not easily impressed, yet she readily admits to being in awe of the... Read more

Grey nomad characters

Sam and Shirl

Sam and Shirl have been on the road for three years in their Jayco Heritage nicknamed ‘The Castle’. The ’65-plus’ couple have completed... Read more

Grey nomads Jenny and Graham characters of the road

Jenny & Graham

Canberrans Jenny & Graham (late 60s) learned an awful lot as they travelled around this amazing country for 12 months            What do you... Read more

Jamie and Beryl

Jamie, 59, and Beryl, 56, are ready to travel … and work in the wool industry What do you travel in? Nissan Navara... Read more

Linda and Ian grey nomads

Linda & Ian

Linda and Ian M from Victoria, travel for anything from two or three days to two or three months. Sometimes they take the... Read more


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