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Paul and Pam grey nomad characters
Paul and Pam enjoy their travels

Paul, 64, and Pam, 60, from Logan in Queensland like to spend half the year at ‘home’ and half the year ‘home on the road’. It’s their dream lifestyle and they say they never  want to stop ‘nomadding’

What do you travel in?
Jayco 16 foot Starcraft Poptop, Holden Rodeo 4×4 Crewcab, petrol/autogas. We find that less weight and the lower wind resistance of our poptop means less fuel usage. At 16’, and with its annex, it is just the right size for us to be comfortable in.

How long do you travel?
Our trips usually last about two months and we stay home for a similar time, so we spend about half the year travelling. We never tire of what there is to see. We are truly blessed and hope – and expect – to continue ‘nomadding’ for as long as we can possibly do so.

Where do you like to camp?
We usually stop in caravan parks, mainly because of the security they offer. However, due to the increasing site cost of many parks, particularly along the coasts, we are plan­ning to do more free or cheap camping in the future.

Likes and dislikes?
We like how the lifestyle is a great leveller, the person sit­ting next to you at happy hour might be a retired rubbish col­lector, a policeman or a Qantas pilot. We don’t like how some park owner/managers won’t fix all the little things that go wrong … lights that don’t work, faulty toilet and shower doors, for example.

On-the-road hobbies?
Pam does latch hooks.

Favourite places to camp?
Mmm, a hard question! After a long think we have come up with three. Berri, alongside the Mighty Murray in South Aus­tralia; Possum Park, near Miles in Queensland; and The Nin­digully Pub, also in Queens­land. Possum Park was once an RAAF munitions dump on General Douglas’ so-called ‘Brisbane Line’ during WWII. It’s now a popular grey nomad destination caravan park.

What wouldn’t you be without?
Easy. The small washing machine mounted on the drawbar.

Scariest nomad experience?
Driving through Sydney with caravan in tow is certainly an experience!

Tips for other grey nomads?
Keep your weight to a mini­mum, take only what you will actually use. When you stop place a hand on each of your wheel hubs, heat will likely warn you of any potential is­sues.

Advice for wannabe nomads?
Try it first. Life in the smaller confines of a caravan might not suit everyone. If you have a pet, consider not taking it as you will be restricted in seeing many places. National parks, for example, and many caravan parks and camping grounds have ‘no dog’ policies.


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