Solo traveller, Lynda

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Sola traveller, Lynda
Lynda enjoys the security and the ease of her motorhome

Travelling solo full time suits Lynda down to the ground.

What do you travel in?
 A Jayco Conquest motorhome and I carry a 150cc motor scooter on a rack at the back. The rig has a bathroom so I don’t have to venture outside in the middle of the night. I can also walk right through from the bed to the driver’s seat – this makes me feel secure. I don’t have to hitch and unhitch it – very important to me – and it’s easier to manoeuvre than a caravan.

Where do you like to camp?
I love free camps because I like the lack of regimentation and I do feel that the people there are much friendlier. I like national parks for all the obvious reasons – away from the hustle and bustle, lots of good walks etc. But, every now and then, I check into a caravan park because they have washing machines and stuff like that – very convenient.

Best thing about lifestyle?
The ability to move on easily. I love being able to wake up in different, beautiful places all the time. And then there’s the people I meet – most of whom are amazing and have wonderful stories to tell.

What don’t you like?
The lack of a national registration and licensing facility are annoying. I also can’t for the life of me understand why in 2011 in a first world country I can’t just go to a doctor anywhere and have them plug in my Medicare number to bring up my medical history. It is very frustrating.

On the-road hobbies?
I knit a lot and read a lot. I also walk a lot which is a great way to see the places that I visit.

Favourite camping spots?
Some of the really good ones, in no particular order, have been Morven, Qld; Surat, Qld; Berry Showground, NSW; Standown Park, Qld, and my favourite caravan park is Ilfracombe near Longreach – they have the most amazing happy hours.

Scariest experience?
So far I’ve been very lucky and haven’t had too many but I do find the road trains in the outback very scary – especially when they are unloaded and the bad end is all over the road.

Best tips?
I could write a book on this. Using vinegar instead of toilet chemicals is a particularly good one, as is using two buckets to wash clothes when away from a water connection. My telescopic ladder is one of the best things I have bought, and hose bags for my fresh water and grey water hoses have also saved my sanity.


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