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Grey nomad characters of the road
Sue and Lou have all they need in their rig

Susan, 67, and Lou, 69, sold their Geelong home more than five years ago … and haven’t looked back. They love being able to up sticks and move any time they like … and say that – unless you are confined to a bed –  health issues shouldn’t stop you living your dreams and hitting the open road.

What do you travel in?
20’ Grant Tourer by Creative. Our ‘home’ has all the facili­ties including shower, toilet, barbecue, etc.

How long do your trips last?
Other than occasional trips back to Victoria to catch up with family, we are permanent­ly on the road … and are now entering our fifth year.

Where do you camp?
Mainly in caravan parks as that suits our van and lifestyle although we have camped ‘off-road’ for up to 3-4 days if there is a nice quiet location.

Lifestyle likes and dislikes?
We like not having to be any­where at any particular time. We plan our trips according to our mood at the time, but will change course if we feel like it. We also know that if we get stuck with a ‘know-it-all’, it’ll only be until tomorrow or whenever we next move on. We dislike filthy people who cannot be bothered to clean up after themselves and spoil pristine sites.

What wouldn’t you be without?
My camera, my laptop for banking and skyping, and my toolbox for running repairs to the van or car.

Favourite places?
South Australia’s Eyre Penin­sula and Tasmania.

Scary grey nomad experiences?
Not really … other than just missing Cyclone Oswald. We also keep a close lookout for crocs in the north … although we haven’t seen any in the wild … yet!

Is medical care a problem?
I have to have regular check-ups every 2-4 weeks and this has never been an issue. Even my medication I e-mail my doctor (in Geelong) whenever I need new scripts and he for­wards them onto a nominated pharmacy near where I am. Also, he does what is called a Reg24 which means that you can get a six-month supply in the one hit. The only thing you need to be aware of is that they are stored in a relatively constant temperature. When I have a test done, the results are forwarded onto him and he contacts me by e-mail for my future dosage.

Advice for wannabe nomads?
Go for it! Don’t let health is­sues stop you … unless you are confined to bed! Even if you may not be able to visit all the beautiful sights/loca­tions by walking there, you are still going to see some magnificent sights driving around. Enjoy life on the road while you can.


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