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Campert traioler rules for grey nomad couple
The open road beckons for Terry and Janice

Paintbrush-packing Terry and Janice (67 & 68) like to load up their 60 Series LandCruiser and camper trailer and visit remote regions

What do you travel in?
We travel with a camper trailer towed by our ’60 series LandCruiser but have previously done several extended trips with just a tent. Although we loved the freedom and flexibility of tent travel and, although we vowed we would never ‘compromise’ on the purity of ‘real’ camping, ultimately the endless putting up, organising, and then taking down and packing up just became too hard for our ageing bodies … and we love sleeping off the ground now!

Where do you go?
Remote. We like to go where not many people go … even though that’s getting harder to do. We love the Kimberley, of course, and the Northern Territory and places like Cape York in Queensland and the Gulf Country. We are in awe of sheer beauty of Tasmania.

Do you work as you go?
No, we’ve been salary slaves long enough, and even though we are not financially flush by any means, we live cheaply and travel slowly. We are happy to volunteer our time to help in some of the communities we stop at but we work for others because we want to, not because we have to. Some rural centres really need a helping hand and we get enormous pleasure from doing our bit and seeing how appreciated our efforts are.

Likes of the lifestyle?
Freedom, pure and simple, We are free spirits and having been constrained by ‘life’ for so long, we are going to enjoy this as much as we can for as long as we can.

… any dislikes?
I know it’s a bit selfish because everyone has a right to enjoy this marvellous country but we get a bit disappointed when we come across a ‘mini crowd’ at spots we expected to be empty … especially when we have enjoyed solitude there before. And we absolutely hate the litter which is becoming an increasing problem.

Hobbies of the road?
Both Janice and I love to paint. One of our greatest pleasures is to find a superb camping spot and get out the easels and the watercolours. The problem is we have got an endlessly enlarging art collection and nowhere to hang our masterpieces. There are only so many ‘self-absorbed’ gifts you can give to family and friends and we are never quite sure if the pictures are being hung out of sympathy or because people really like them. Maybe they only get  put up when friends know  we are going to pop in!

Advice for wannabe nomads?
Follow your instincts and  follow your heart. There  really is something for everybody out there on the open road. And, even if you don’t know what you are looking for, the chances are you will find it.


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