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Grey nomads character of the road
Tina & David have learned a lot on their first few trips

Self-styled apprentice grey nomads, Tina & David R are hooked on the grey nomad lifestyle … even after a few hitches

What rig do you have?
A 1984 2-berth Spaceline caravan.

How often do you travel?
We are ‘Apprentice’ Grey Nomads and thoroughly enjoying it. Recently we took off to Moonta Bay in SA, the furthest we had been from our Reynella home, and the third time we had taken the van out.

How was it?
We found a great caravan park right on the beachfront. There were fantastic sunsets and sunrises, and very friendly people who have just taken over the park. There is lots to see in Moonta. We did the mine rail trip, museum and, of course, the sweet shop! Had coffee at the Moonta cafe and shopped locally.

How was the company?
The other vanners at the park were so helpful. We met John and his wife from Queensland who gave us sound advice for securing our canvas annexe and helped my husband with a few screws and drill needed to secure something. Taffy and his wife Ange who helped us out with a window patch for the car for the ‘you never know’ times and a quite a few other tips and tricks. Beers were shared, laughs were had and great company enjoyed … what a wonderful life to lead!

So, all plain sailing?
Well, we learnt a valuable lesson … remember to check your outlet lead before making a slight move with the van and car attached! You guessed it, we forgot to pull the lead out and, of course, part of the outlet plug came out. After checking out the damage, we were lucky enough to not have completely destroyed it! Out came the miles of gaffer tape to hold it in.

All good apart from that?
Well, the day before leaving, we had a very wild storm. Hail, rain, thunder, lightning, wind and a blackout (all in one day). Before it got too bad, we took down our awning (like everyone else), and sat in our cosy van listening and watching the lightning show. That night, what a wind!! Our van was rocking. We were concerned as we hadn’t experienced that before, but our ‘Little Caravan of Courage’ stood up to it like a trooper and survived the storm.

So, no more caravanning?
Hey! We had a fantastic time. We can’t wait to be fully fledged grey nomads and en­joy this life a little more.


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