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Fledgling grey nomad poet finds new inspiration on the Big Lap

When Debbie Hutchinson and husband Geoff hit the open road some 13 months ago, they didn’t know exactly what to expect … but... Read more

campsite flockers

Don’t stand so close to me! Why do flocking grey nomads park so near?

One of the things most likely to annoy grey nomads enjoying the solitude of camping in the bush is when other travellers arrive... Read more

Self-contained RV

Self-contained camping areas … the only way to keep the ‘grubs’ at bay?

The rights and wrongs of offering camping areas exclusively for the use of self-contained vehicles has sparked fierce debate in grey nomad circles.... Read more

Ted Samuels and self-contained campsites

Is the self-contained only camping ‘phenomenon’ unfair and divisive?

While the proliferation of free or cut-price camping areas for ‘self-contained’ RVs has been warmly welcomed my many grey nomads, not all have... Read more

Grey nomads camping in Port Hedland

‘Port Hedland made errors in the boom, but give us another chance!’

When the Pilbara town of Port Hedland announced recently that it was to offer free overflow camping at its racecourse, it is fair... Read more

Grey nomads in exercise for health

Grey nomads urged not to let the Big Lap become ‘too’ relaxing!

Just by virtue of the fact that they are out there ‘living the dream’, most grey nomads are pretty active people and tend... Read more

Grey nomad parents

Instead of being grey nomads, we were suddenly full-time ‘parents’

It’s pretty standard for wannabe grey nomads to impatiently count down the days to when they will finally be free to hit the... Read more

Grey nomad relationships

Love is in the air, but can it survive living together 24/7 on the road?

 While most grey nomad couples hitting the open road together have the time of their lives, there is no doubt that a change... Read more

Port Hedland caravan park

The mining boom is over, and WA’s north wants grey nomads back!

The annual northward migration of Australia’s caravanners and motorhomers is under way in earnest … and the battle for a slice of the... Read more

Lark Quarry

Forget Cape York! It’s Queensland’s Lark Quarry or bust for this nomad!

A decade ago when Linda and John Curry set out on their dream trip to the Northern Territory, it didn’t seem like too... Read more


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