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Solar panel motorhome

Could a solar-panelled motorhome point the way to a fuel-free Big Lap?

If you’re looking to turn heads when you pull into the caravan park, and save a bundle on your Big Lap fuel bill,... Read more

sustainable caravans

sCarabane takes self-sustaining caravan concept to whole new level

There have been many attempts to help grey nomads to be more power self-sufficient in recent years … but, for the most part,... Read more

Handbrake left on by grey nomads

Confessions of a grey nomad who’s made a mistake … or two (or three)!

After four years on the road, grey nomad Phil Crockart has had his fair share of silly – and funny – experiences. Here,... Read more

Grey nomads bake bread

‘I packed my van and in it I put a breadmaker … what do you pack?’

Veteran grey nomad Phil Crockart lists a few of the gizmos he wouldn’t be without on the open road GPS It is well... Read more

long drives on the Big Lap

Are the long drives of the Big Lap turning grey nomad brains to mush

It has long been widely accepted that hitting the open road after retirement is a wonderful thing for older people to do, helping... Read more

Grey nomad regrets

‘I’ve been there … but now I’m back I really wish I’d done that’

Veteran traveller Steve Jones laments the opportunities he let slip through his fingers. For as long as I can remember, travel has been... Read more

free camping at Pidappa Rock

Free camping is not for everybody, but this is how – and why – we do it

By Phil Crockart  From my point of view there is nothing like the Australian bush, and it’s about a lot more than finding... Read more

Comedian of the road

Grey nomad comedian takes his Happy Hour show on the road

When Ben Grothues hit the open road with wife Judy in 2010, he made it his mission to bring a little happiness to... Read more


Fledgling grey nomad poet finds new inspiration on the Big Lap

When Debbie Hutchinson and husband Geoff hit the open road some 13 months ago, they didn’t know exactly what to expect … but... Read more

campsite flockers

Don’t stand so close to me! Why do flocking grey nomads park so near?

One of the things most likely to annoy grey nomads enjoying the solitude of camping in the bush is when other travellers arrive... Read more


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