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Whingeing grey nomads

Why do some grumpy grey nomads look for things to complain about?

With life on the open road often being described as ‘living the dream’, why is it that grey nomads have a reputation in... Read more

Happy grey nomads on the Big Lap

Positive and active grey nomads are definitely on the road to happiness

With more grey nomads hitting the open road than ever before, scientists are beginning to ask why the idea of ‘living the dream’... Read more

CPAP machines

‘Travelling bush with a CPAP machine has not been a problem’

While the heavy snoring of a partner is often the subject of Happy Hour jokes, there is a growing realisation among the grey... Read more

Winnebago is to unveil its electric motorhome

Batteries included as fuel-free Big Lap dream takes a leap forward

While there has been no shortage of grey nomads eager to scoff at the idea of a fuel-free rig ever hitting the open... Read more

Grey nomads use pens

It’s mightier than the sword, but can the pen survive the keyboard era?

It used to be one of the most indispensable items in the traveller’s kit. Whether they were heading to the airport or around... Read more

‘We had heard of so many caravan rollovers … then it happened to us!’

All too often, comes news of a caravan rollover on one of Australia’s highways and byways. Sometimes, there follows tales of lucky escapes,... Read more

Show support for the Grey Nomads website, e-newsletter and forum

The popularity of the Grey Nomads website, e-newsletter and forum is continuing to grow … and so too is the workload involved in... Read more

grey nomads and snakes

Grey nomads given tips on best way to stay safe from snakes

Avian and Reptile Specialist Lana Field advises grey nomads about the best way to deal with the presence of snakes on their Big... Read more

Portable bathroom for grey nomads

Bring you own loo! How ensuite it is for non self-contained grey nomads

In a world where the relentless march of the ‘self-contained vehicles only’ policy is barring many budget travellers from using free or low-cost... Read more

My Health Record

‘It may not be perfect quite yet … but My Health Record will be great!’

Since the Government began rolling out My Health Record, it has claimed that grey nomads travelling across the country would be among the... Read more


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