Centrelink advises grey nomads to ensure their affairs are all in order

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Centrelink advice for grey nomads
Travellers should ensure their affairs are in order before they go

Hank Jongen, Centrelink’ s General Manager, Human Services, identifies the key things grey nomads should consider doing before they hit the open road

Heading off on the Big Lap or zig-zagging your way through the country is a long-held dream for many retired Australians. Like the rest of your journey, a little bit of planning and preparation goes a long way in keeping your trip as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re planning to claim a Centrelink payment or card, such as Age Pension or the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, there are a few key actions we recommend you take prior to leaving home.

Confirm your identity at a service centre: If this is your first time claiming a Centrelink payment or concession card, we’ll need to confirm your identify when you lodge a claim. To do this, you’ll need to visit one of our service centres, agents or access points and provide photo identification. This is so we can assign you a Customer Reference Number, which you’ll need to create a Centrelink online account. You can then upload other identity documents through your Centrelink online account when making a claim.

Create a myGov and Centrelink online account: Having a myGov account is the best way to access services on the road. You can create an account by visiting my.gov.au, and we’ll then help link you to other services such as Centrelink, Medicare, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, My Aged Care, and the Australian Taxation Office.

Using your Centrelink online account, you can claim payments and services, upload documents, update your contact or banking details, update your savings accounts balances, view your payment history, or read letters. Similarly, you can access your Medicare online account. It’s a good idea to update your mailing address and preferences with us while you’re on the road so you can receive correspondence online.

Claim before you leave: The best option is to lodge a claim for payments or services and wait for them to be approved, before you leave. You can use the Payment and Service Finder tool on our homepage to explore which payments you’re eligible for, estimate the rate of payment, and plot the location of services you may need along the way. If you have not reached Age Pension age yet and plan to claim along the way, it’s important you understand what sort of identity and financial documentation you’ll need to be able to submit your claim.

Create a voiceprint: We encourage Centrelink customers to enrol a voiceprint with us. A voiceprint can authenticate you over the phone when reciting your Customer Reference Number. It’s quick and secure and you can call up to enrol a voiceprint any time. Find out more here.

Financial information before you go: As you head into retirement, there’s a lot to consider and to organise, such as superannuation, other investment products and the Age Pension. The best starting place is with our Financial Information Service (FIS), which is a free service that can provide information about payments, but cannot offer financial advice. Click here for more.


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