Love is in the air, but can it survive living together 24/7 on the road?

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Grey nomad relationships
Does living together 24/7 bring grey nomads closer?

 While most grey nomad couples hitting the open road together have the time of their lives, there is no doubt that a change of lifestyle pace and living in close quarters 24/7 can present certain ‘challenges’.

Even those who have been happily married for decades can find the re-adjustment to life on the open road an interesting experience. Many travellers report becoming annoyed by suddenly having their partner constantly ‘under their feet’. When you are in a caravan or a motorhome, there is simply no place to hide.

So, what advice do the experts have? The Relationships Australia organisation says there are a number of things that grey nomads can do to help keep a travelling partnership on track:

·         Talk about your day and the things that both excite or worry you.

·         Spend time alone together and ensure it is a priority.

·         Celebrate the good times together.

·         Express affection and give your partner thoughtful little surprises.

·         Develop common interests, though allow time for independent interests as well.

·         Listen to your partner and communicate your needs. Don’t wait for your partner to try to guess what is going on for you.

·         Tell your partner when you are happy or unhappy about something – honestly and respectfully – and encourage your partner to do the same. This is better than avoiding difficult topics.

·         Try to find solutions that are suitable for both of you. Prepare to compromise.

·         Respect and accept both your differences and your similarities. Try not to make judgements when your partner makes mistakes, or doesn’t do things your way.

·         Aim to be flexible and willing to change or try something new.

·         Be supportive in the good and the challenging times, and ask for help when you cannot cope with a situation.

·         Share the load – agree on who will do what and to what standard.

·         Make some time just for yourself and encourage your partner to do the same.

·         Take responsibility for your actions and feelings.


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