Suspending belief! Motohomer tries ‘floating on air’ level site solution

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Level motorhome
Seeing is believing ... have you ever come across a levelling solution like this one?

Most grey nomads would agree that you quickly learn to expect the unexpected as you travel around this amazing country  … but even the most road-hardened veteran would probably have been left open mouthed at the sight of this ‘level’ motorhome.

An eagle-eyed reader spotted the unusual campsite set-up at the Dalmeny Camp Ground near Narooma in New South Wales a couple of weeks ago, and he’s still shaking his head in disbelief.

Apparently, there were also a number of caravans in situ, but it’s probably not such a problem with a single axle van … although it may still questionable whether is wise to prop any vehicle at such an angle!

Apart from the obvious safety issues, the picture does indicate how some people are determined to make a situation work for them regardless of the challenges or the prevailing wisdom that insists ‘it can’t be done’.

The open road is full of tales of people who refuse to let the weight of circumstance stop them from living their dream. From the people who travel with a disability or a serious illness to those who find the mental strength to get back on the road after a serious accident; from those who find the courage to live the dream alone after losing a partner to those who find a way to defy tight financial constraints to hit the road and find the happiness that money cannot buy, the mantra they live by is ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’.

But is there a time when discretion should be the better part of valour? Should, for example, the owner of this motorhome have simply decided the campsite had too much of a slope and driven on to find a more suitable place to park up?

• Do you admire those who constantly think outside the square, or do you think they sometimes take too many risks? What is the craziest sight you have seen on your travels? Email us here to share.


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