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Grey nomads etiquette

The six commandments that govern the way that grey nomads travel

Caravanner Phil Crockart says the Big Lap is governed by several important unwritten rules I believe we take certain responsibilities and obligations with... Read more

Grey nomad Big Lap packing

‘We’re Big Lap veterans now, but we learnt some lessons the hard way!’

Planning for a long-term grey nomad adventure is absolutely critical … but it can only take you so far. In the end there... Read more

Spending the kids' inheritance

‘We’re living the good life, and we’re spending all of our cash doing it!’

Grey nomad Phil Crockart is spending the kids’ inheritance … and he doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty!   When we started the... Read more

Pentecost River crossing

‘We were looking for adventure, and we found it on the Gibb River Road’

By John & Lorraine H We had been warned about corrugations, mud and washaways, creek crossings, crocodiles and razor sharp stones turned up... Read more

caravan step accident

‘A slip on my caravan step left me in agony, and my trip in tatters!’

Grey nomads know that life on the road doesn’t come without risks. There is always the possibility of an accident on the road,... Read more

Baxter Free Camp on the Nullarbor

‘Time for grey nomads to stand up and be counted on campsite litter!’

When he was a child, grey nomad Phil Crockart remembers camping with his family at beachside caravan parks, which were always ‘as neat... Read more

‘Our trip was going like a dream … until one mozzie bite changed everything!’

After retiring and hitting the open road in 2012, David and Adrienne H were having the time of their lives … until a... Read more

Grey nomads second-hand rig

‘You don’t need a new rig to enjoy the Big Lap, you just need to go!’

As grey nomad numbers continue to surge, so too it seems does the size and luxury of the various caravans and motorhomes made... Read more

grey nomads in love

‘Cherish every moment together. The journey doesn’t last forever’

It is sometimes easy for grey nomads to take for granted the amazing lifestyle they are privileged enough to enjoy. Caravanners and motorhomers... Read more

Sleep rhythm

Do grey nomads adapt to rhythm of the night … and sleep like babies?

In what will probably not be a surprise to most grey nomads, living in the Great Outdoors is great for your health, your... Read more


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