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grey nomads and snakes

Grey nomads given tips on best way to stay safe from snakes

Avian and Reptile Specialist Lana Field advises grey nomads about the best way to deal with the presence of snakes on their Big... Read more

Portable bathroom for grey nomads

Bring you own loo! How ensuite it is for non self-contained grey nomads

In a world where the relentless march of the ‘self-contained vehicles only’ policy is barring many budget travellers from using free or low-cost... Read more

My Health Record

‘It may not be perfect quite yet … but My Health Record will be great!’

Since the Government began rolling out My Health Record, it has claimed that grey nomads travelling across the country would be among the... Read more

caravan choice

‘We’ve certainly made mistakes, but we finally have our perfect caravan!’

The search for the rig that’s the perfect ‘fit’ can be a long one for many grey nomads. In some cases, it can... Read more

Grey nomads and lifestyle villages

‘We nearly rushed into a lifestyle village … but are glad we waited’

When grey nomads Steve and Di Cox finally sold their family home in Hervey Bay back in 2014, they readily admit they went... Read more

Trundle wide streets

Why are the streets of many inland country towns so ridiculously wide?

While there are plenty of exciting points of interest awaiting city-dwelling grey nomads as they venture into Australia’s historic country areas, one that... Read more

Solar panel motorhome

Could a solar-panelled motorhome point the way to a fuel-free Big Lap?

If you’re looking to turn heads when you pull into the caravan park, and save a bundle on your Big Lap fuel bill,... Read more

sustainable caravans

sCarabane takes self-sustaining caravan concept to whole new level

There have been many attempts to help grey nomads to be more power self-sufficient in recent years … but, for the most part,... Read more

Handbrake left on by grey nomads

Confessions of a grey nomad who’s made a mistake … or two (or three)!

After four years on the road, grey nomad Phil Crockart has had his fair share of silly – and funny – experiences. Here,... Read more

Grey nomads bake bread

‘I packed my van and in it I put a breadmaker … what do you pack?’

Veteran grey nomad Phil Crockart lists a few of the gizmos he wouldn’t be without on the open road GPS It is well... Read more


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