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Last chance tourism in Australia

See it while you can! Is ‘last chance tourism’ fuelling grey nomad fever?

The list of things altering the Big Lap experience is growing. Yet, rather than putting grey nomads off hitting the road, it seems... Read more

Grey nomad charcter of the road

Mel N

Mel N is an independent, motorcycle-loving 36-year-old woman who is not easily impressed, yet she readily admits to being in awe of the... Read more

Grey nomads not sure about dogs in caravan parks

‘Irresponsible dog owners in van parks spoil it for the rest of us’

Grey nomads Peter and Gwen L travel with their beloved pet dog … but they completely understand why some caravan parks don’t exactly... Read more

Grey nomads in security scare

Grey nomad acts to make sure van park thieves never strike again

Sadly, it seems the frequency of incidences of theft from caravan parks and camping grounds is on the rise … but not all... Read more

Caravan trip for unwell grey nomads

‘I’ve had serious health issues, but it won’t stop me living the dream’

A back fusion, a hip replacement, diabetes 2, high blood pressure, and two heart attacks within a year, may have slowed veteran caravanner... Read more

Overweight motorhome nightmare for grey nomads

‘I bought a motorhome that was illegally heavy … before I packed it!’

When you are buying a motorhome or caravan, it pays to find out exactly how much it weighs … as Dianne D found out... Read more

Lost in the Ourback

‘We didn’t mean to worry our son … or spark a huge Outback search!’

Grey nomad Chrissy Scarvell recalls the time she and her husband unwittingly became the subject of a huge police search … while they were happily... Read more

Grumpy grey nomads

‘Grey nomads behaving badly are taking the joy out of our Big Lap!’

When Ian and Helene Hipp (both 59) hit the open road, they never thought the biggest downside to the Big Lap would be... Read more

Eggs and Bacon Bay

Should ‘Eggs and Bacon Bay’ be given a healthier sounding name?

Tasmania’s idyllic Eggs and Bacon Bay is under fire … for promoting a meat-eating lifestyle! Animal rights group PETA has written to the... Read more

Missing grey nomads

How do remote area nomads stop relatives worrying unnecessarily?

The case of a caravanning couple who temporarily went ‘missing’ while on a trip to Cape York last month raises an important question... Read more


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