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cellulitis drama for grey nomad

‘One day I was in Big Lap heaven, the next I was living a nightmare!’

After more than 12 months of careful planning and mounting excitement, Phillip Robinson and wife Marie were last month finally able to join... Read more

Morning glory cloud formation

Unforgettable cloud formation surprises inland grey nomads

While stargazing is a well-known hobby for grey nomads travelling in the Outback, there are far few cloud gazers … but that could... Read more

Boulia Camel Races for grey nomads

Grey nomad-friendly events help turn struggling towns into winners

The 20th annual camel races at the drought-stricken west Queensland town of Boulia last weekend proved two things … the ships of the... Read more

Kimberley fireball

Grey nomads startled by fireball streaking through the night sky

Grey nomads sitting around their campfires in the Kimberley and staring up into the night sky were given the shock of their lives... Read more

Motorhome headaches

Kiwi motorhomer stunned by our road rego red tape … and cost!

When New Zealanders Barry and Anne Pearce ‘semi-retired’ five years ago, they decided to spend six months a year travelling in their home... Read more

Grey nomads pick up litter

If grey nomads pick up litter, will others follow? ‘Yes!’ say experts

One of the things most likely to send grey nomad blood pressure surging is the sight of piles of litter at roadside stops,... Read more

Vietnam vetreran on Ride of Remembrance

Vietnam veteran uses Big Lap to honour those who have fallen

For Vietnam veteran, Rob Eade, his current Big Lap around Australia is about a lot more than enjoying sunsets and Happy Hours with... Read more

SLide-ons for grey nomads

The rise of the slide-on … does this rig option offer best of all worlds?

While the vast majority of grey nomads still plump for either a caravan or a motorhome for their Big Lap rig, a growing... Read more

Extane motorhome for grey nomads

Upwardly mobile motorhome the answer to parking space problems?

As motorhomes get larger and more luxurious, they’ve actually created problems for their users … they’ve become more unwieldy on the road and... Read more

Parachilna Campground Flinders Ranges

‘If you’ve got to work, why would you want to work anywhere else?’

When Dave Stevenson, 53, was medically retired from the fire service back in 2009, he and  wife Lee-Ann, 45, wasted no time in... Read more

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