sCarabane takes self-sustaining caravan concept to whole new level

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sustainable caravans
Green dream machine is as self-sustaining as it gets.

There have been many attempts to help grey nomads to be more power self-sufficient in recent years … but, for the most part, these have largely been tinkering on the margins.

Finally, however someone is getting really, really, really serious about the issue. Take a bow, Green Cat Technologies for giving a wowed world the truly impressive sCarabane caravan. This jaw-dropping marvel is jampacked with every piece of solar and wind power technology ever invented.

But in this high-tech heaven, one feature stands out head and shoulders above the competition. The vehicle comes with a separate circular track that can be placed on a level spot, and the vehicle installed on top of it.  Why? Well, the theory is that the entire unit can then swivel on

A circular track enables the caravan to seek out the sun

the track to catch the maximum amount of sun each day.

Cynics may cast doubt on some of the practicalities of travelling long-term with a mini railway track roundabout … but we’re talking living the dream here. The sCarabane can be towed on the road and then when ‘unfolded’ at a campsite the sheer scale of its genius is revealed.

Okay, the van comes with a 500W rooftop solar array, a solar concentrator with a sun-tracking parabolic mirror for producing hot water, a pop-up 500W vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), and a suite of home automation features to tie everything

And after folding back up, it’s ready to tow


Green Cat Technology says it is currently developing a rainwater collection and filtration system for clean water and, other than that, the only aspect of the sCarabane design not living up to the self-sufficiency goal is the propane stove.

When on the road, the sCarabane is 7.8 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 2.8 metres high. When folded out it is about seven metres wide … and very impressive. The company says there are two adjustable windows to help lucky travellers maximise natural light, and it boasts a covered deck, two separate bedrooms, a full bathroom, and an expansive kitchen with a dining area.

So, what’s a traveller going to do with all this self-generated power?

Hmmm! An electric washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, multimedia system and lighting, plus the power needs of your personal electronics should make a dent in it!

  • Can you see yourself spending a month or two in the bush in the sCarabane? What are your favourite features? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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