Car hits traffic light pole after caravan crash drama

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Caravan crash in Bilolea
Three vehicles were involved in a crash at Biloela. PIC:  Vanessa Jarrett/The Morning Bulletin

It’s been another nasty period for caravan accidents.

In Biloela in Central Queensland, paramedics rushed to the scene of a collision involving a caravan and two cars. According to a report in the Morning Bulletin, the crash happened after a vehicle towing a caravan pulled out in front of traffic at the intersection of Dawson and Burnett Highway.

One of the vehicles hit a traffic light pole at the intersection and the lights were temporarily knocked out of action.

No one was taken to hospital as a result of the accident.

In New South Wales, a car towing a caravan

Caravan crash

A car towing a caravan crashed at Tintenbar.  PIC: Liana Turner/Northern Star

crashed on the Pacific Highway at Tintenbar.

The Transport Management Centre said the car has rolled, and one southbound lane of the highway was closed.

A NSW Ambulance media spokesman said the caravan had apparently stayed on the road whiel the car had careered down an embankment.

The male driver suffered only minor injuries.

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23 Responses to Car hits traffic light pole after caravan crash drama

  1. they tell us the transport authorities are going to do a national audit [when they get there act together?]

  2. Rush rush rush. Its time to slow towers down.

  3. Unfortunately too many caravanners have little or no idea on how to tow or what to do in the case of an emergency. Time for testing & licencing.

    • Why would that make a difference. People go thru testing for ordinary license how many collisions ect do they have hundreds killed every year.

      • Totally agree with your comments Roger, I have been towing vans and trailers for over 35 years and never had an incident. So many van incidents happen due to speed and impatience and poor vehicle maintenance. Bringing in another long licence only benefits government with another cash income. You can’t change a drivers attitude with another piece of paper, look at how many people still get caught speeding with speed cameras.

        • People do need to learn how to tow caravans some are as long as trucks I’ve also worked in a caravan park the amount of time’s I was asked to back there vans because they could not do it wtf are they towing for

          • Could it be because some caravan parks try to fit a 21ft or longer caravan into a site fit only for caravan 15 ft long. They also forget how narrow the roads in caravan parks can be. We had to negotiate a narrow road in a park that had a 4WD parked almost on the road on one side and a site power box hidden behind a small tree on the other – right on the corner of the road. The results were not good for us.

      • Bring in a licence for towing is a no brainer. Currently u can buy a 200 cruiser and a 3.5 ton van and go. You need a light ridget licence to drive a 4 ton light truck but u can tow with an all up weight of over 7 ton on a car licence. Get real and remember some of these people have never even towed a box trailer before. Gone r the days we all gree up in the country and were competent around all sorts of gear. Now u have people that have never set foot out of a city and only worked in a office trying hard not to kill themselves and others. Come join the nomads but get trsined first.

        • In vic u can drive a truck up to 4.5ton on a car licence and up to 8 ton on a L R licence.

    • Also how is it you know all these caravanners havent had any schooling or testing of any sort

      • I’ve seen them drive Rog, I’ve seen them drive…

    • Yep , and that goes for all car drivers as well.

  4. One wonders as to how many caracan accidents occur in a week versus other type of motor vehicle accidents,
    Would be interesting to know

    • Agree John, the only accurate comparison would be accidents per 1000 caravans vs accidents per 1000 passenger vehicles or something similar. We would then know based on facts not the media, if there are a “lots of caravan accidents ” and also if there is any increase when compared to a previous year etc

  5. First of all watch for all oncoming traffic and always stay at road speed and if that don’t work don’t tow

  6. With the sheer volume of GN’s on the roads it is no surprise to have one or two incidents a week. Especially when most don’t understand how to interpret the vehicle and van weights.

  7. Education & Training!
    Works for life in general !

  8. What about the the car drivers that duck into the space the car/caravaner allows in front of them to pull up in an emergency breaking.
    We travel at 95-100. It has happened to us many times.

  9. It is wrong to accuse one group of drivers of lacking experience, we have been towing for 18 years in that time cars have caused trouble trucks have abused us and cut in on us ( most trucks are great) weather conditions create hazardous conditions, all vehicle conditions have to be considered ( tyre,) roads conditions IT ONLY TAKES ONE ITEM TO CREATE A DANGEROUS SITUATION

  10. Trucks loaded has a speed rating of 100kl ph in most places yet u grey nomads sit on 100 to 110kl ph need to slow down to a safe speedget a front tyres blow out an u know wot I mean u have no control with the weigh behide u

  11. I did Overtake a caravan trailer once on the way from Augusta to Albany WA. It’s was dangerous as the caravan did over 100.

  12. Why is it that every time there is an accident listed on this site lots of people blame it on inexperience without even knowing the facts it’s about time the people on this site stick up for one another instead of playing the blame game and saying there needs to be another licence and more money to governments that would sure make all complain about then. It is the Greynomads site after all

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