‘What’s so hard about respecting our campsites?’

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campsite litter
The amount of rubbish left by campers at Wadbilliga National Park has shocked locals. PIC: Sue Nagle/SMH

The disgraceful behaviour of campers in the Wadbilliga National Park near the New South Wales town of Bega has left locals fuming.

Sue Nagle Thorssell, who operates Brogo Wilderness Canoes with her partner Dave, cleaned up after the irresponsible campers who left behind toilet seats, excrement in wombat holes, and bag loads of rubbish.

She told the Sydney Morning Herald that four large bags were needed to remove all the trash formt he spot near Brogo Dam on the South Coast.

“Yet again, we cleaned up after the campers … visitors and families have complained they cannot picnic here because of the filth,” she said. “Toilet tissues and excrement were strewn all through the bush in and around an active wombat burrow and right down to the water’s edge.”

Ms Thorssell told the SMH said they saw wallabies and goannas sifting through plastic bags, bottles, cans, cigarette butts, broken chairs, crates and even toilet seats looking for food.

She supplied several photos of piles of litter, human excrement and broken camp equipment left behind on the shores of the Brogo Dam.
Brogo Dam is a popular camping, fishing and tourist location, but it is also one of Bega Shire’s sources for drinking water, making the filth left behind by the campers even more concerning.

“Even feral cats bury their waste when finished,” Ms Thorssell said. “The reason we all love to experience this particular environment is for its isolation and pristine beauty … how hard is it to keep it that way?”

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11 Responses to ‘What’s so hard about respecting our campsites?’

  1. A sad reflection on a section of society. Our experience is that this behaviour is undertaken by “locals”, meaning not regular travellers or grey nomads. Sadly, also, is that Park Rangers are seldom seen, do not do regular visits or converse with campers. I appreciate the cry that they do not have the resources to visit every site but a discerning Ranger doing a quick (at least) drive thru will soon pick up on likely “offenders”. There are some very good examples of this in parts of QLD.

  2. This story does not relate to the majority of Grey Nomads. Most we know and travel with are proactive in cleaning up after feral yobbo’s.

  3. I see this all the time, especially after long weekends, on the Murray and other rivers we visit. It resembles driving past a McDonalds, rubbish all over the carpark when they are meters from bins and on the side of every road leaving the place. This is the kids that our society has bred, no respect for anything or anyone!

  4. It’s such a shame a few people spoil it for everyone else.
    Pity Ms Thorssell did not get photos of the campers rather than the mess they left behind. Thankyou to Sue for cleaning it all up, very sorry state of affairs.

  5. I’m assuming this mess is left by younger campers and not by grey nomads. I find it hard to believe that the more senior members of our society would be so disrespectful…..at least I hope they wouldn’t be!!

  6. This is such a shame. I know it is not from the Grey Nomads. I have seen them out cleaning up other peoples rubbish. I agree it would most likely be from the Young Local Rascals. The Council must monitor this very closely and make sure they have Rangers doing checks on all Camp Sites. These uncouth people make it bad for everyone.

  7. This was not done by regular travellers, we respect the environment we’ve travelled far to experience, and are grateful to have somewhere to camp.
    A group of adult friends with new cars and kids annoyed everyone at a campsite recently. Music till 3am, rubbish and toys discarded Willy nilly. Wish they’d stayed in the suburbs

  8. That is the youth of today.No respect for anyone or anything.They want everthing handed to them on a plate and dont want to do anything for it. I too doubt that it would be a .grey nomad. Most of us leave the place cleaner than we found it,I know we do.Stevo

  9. GRUBS

  10. On my travels around Australia I came across many such sights left by blow-through travelers in their combi or ‘Juicy vans. It is not just a shame, but time to get serious!

    In this day and age of technology available to catch these perpetrators, record their vehicle registrations and post them on facebook. It should prove very interesting since they are such prolific users of this form of medium.

    So get busy gathering information without confrontation, then post the evidence online and see how they like seeing themselves leaving their messy camp sites behind as they go. Gwynnie .

  11. absolutely no respect for the local environment let alone other campers, these perpretators are simply mindless and brainless, as the saying goes “very little grey matter”.

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